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Rumor: Palutena Amiibo Will Not Be A Retailer Exclusive In The US

According to a reliable source from NintendoInquisitor, the Palutena amiibo (supposedly) due July 31st will not be retailer exclusive. While the other Kid Icarus collectible, Dark Pit, will be coming exclusively to Best Buy, Palutena may be heading to all major retailers. It seems if you are an amiibo collector, the next mini-wave will be a lot easier to obtain during launch.

21 thoughts on “Rumor: Palutena Amiibo Will Not Be A Retailer Exclusive In The US”

    1. The multiplayer is top notch. Love using the Black Block Club (can’t remember the name). Damn near unstoppable.

      Would like a new game, but fine waiting another year or two.

            1. If they release a new kid Icarus i hope they hire someone else than sakurai, uprising was marketed as the new game of samurai rather than a revival of an old IP, i can’t stand how Nintendo makes people believe sakurai created kid Icarus when in reality i was created by the legendary gunpei Yoko.

  1. “Not Be A Retailer Exclusive” Thaaanks geez, was that really so hard to do? Y’know Ninty?…. Consumer first and all?…

  2. Just having one Amiibo not be retailer exclusive isn’t good enough. Don’t be taken in by Nintendo’s bullshit again – it’s just a distraction for consumers, since there are still other retail exclusives, but they hope that by doing this, people will think, ” gee, Nintendo sure is being generous to us, not having this one specific amiibo be retail exclusive!”

    NO. Don’t be taken in by their crap.

  3. That’s obviously good news, but it’s not like I’m going to be able to walk in a store and buy one. If it’s not a Mario or Zelda character they’re still a pain to get.

  4. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Fucking yes! Plus that plautena picture made me think it was going to be news about a new kid icarus game.

  5. Yes, good- retailer-exclusives add insult to injury and whoever decided it was a good idea to allow for that should be out of a job.

  6. Just buy in Amazon the Japanese amiibo for $23 or so, better than lining up and the craziness.

  7. I think I’m going to do the only thing Nintendo is allowing me to do if I don’t want to wait for them to get off their fucking asses & fix the stock issues in the US: import. I don’t want to but Nintendo of Americunts isn’t helping the situation. :/

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