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Dark Pit Is Best Buy Exclusive, Even In Canada

Nintendo of America feels the full brunt of the over-commercialized exclusivity deals surrounding amiibo — with the closures of Target, Canada has been able to sidestep some of the worst of the exclusivity deals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Dark Pit amiibo. According to Reward Zone’s Gamers Club Twitter account, Dark Pit will be Best buy exclusive (released July 31) in Canada with no option of pre-ordering. While this is not explicitly stated, there has not yet been any pre-order pages or news from any other retailer, with only two weeks until launch — our deductive reasoning says other retailers likely would have announced availability by now. On the bright side, there will be online stock available the day of, in limited supplies. This mirrors the US Dark Pit launch, which will be happening July 31st.

22 thoughts on “Dark Pit Is Best Buy Exclusive, Even In Canada”

    1. Yes there are.

      And the tweet doesn’t say they’re exclusive, so here’s hoping it’s still coming everywhere. Gold Mario wasn’t a Walmart exclusive up here without any reason, so who knows.

      1. Mhmm — we imagine that other retailers would have announced by now, but there is still a glint of hope

      1. What in the world was I thinking of that comes out on the 28th? Oh, wait, i’m thinking of Everyone’s Come to the Rapture in August — can’t get it off my mind.

        Thanks for the edit, fixed the story accordingly

    2. I don’t have a best buy so I imported it. It cost double but I have it now and no having to go to another city hoping they have it when i get there.

    3. Dark Pit comes out in the US July 28th not the 31st fucking dumb ass. Do your research before posting news about amiibo. Man I swear UK people are dumb as fuck

      1. Well no stores in Canada are doing pre-orders for amiibo anymore anyway. Stores here are fed up with the amiibo cap.

      2. Nintendo should be ASHAMED of its’ piss poor, dog shit handling of the current amiibo situation. Iwata would be depressed!

      3. Im done buying amiibos. I sold all and brought my self a Awesome PS4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle. Man it is fun. I don’t. Graphics looks so real and the gameplay. I love it. Graphics isn’t. The most important thing gameplay is. I sold all 35 amiibos lol. To get a PS4.

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