Here’s Some Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth For New Nintendo 3DS Details

As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, the controversial Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is heading to the New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One on July 23rd. We haven’t really heard very much about the New Nintendo 3DS version of the game since it was announced for the platform. Thankfully, the team have dissected their favourite things about the New Nintendo 3DS version as well as answered a few common questions. You can read the educative responses below.

  • Having the map on the 2nd screen is way more helpful and pleasing to the eye than expected!
  • You can draw and take notes on the 2nd screen around the map so you can remember to go back to specific rooms, or just draw wieners.
  • All trinkets, cards and items have new large higher rez art for use on the bottom screen.. this sounds minor but it’s easily one of my fave features, i just like seeing the new more detailed art down there, its quite purdy.
  • Rebirth will release on new 3ds, WiiU and Xbox1 on july 23rd (i dont know what time)
  • Rebirth will only work on the NEW 3ds system. the game really needed the extra horse power the new 3ds brings with it to get it working in a way we were happy with.
  • Rebirth will be 15$ on all platforms universally.
  • You can NOT get a discount on platform X if you own the game on platform Y.
  • You can NOT transfer saves from platform X to platform Y


  1. The game is really fum and has a TON of replay value to it. Finally unlocked Godhead!

  2. What does this game have thats so demanding that it doesn’t allow it to run on a regular 3ds

  3. “We really need the extra power to.make this game happen”
    Smash bros 3ds
    Kid icarus
    Fire emblem awakening
    And the futures hyrule warriors and dragon quest viii salute you…
    If you are a bad programer and you dont know how to optimize your game you should just say it. Recognize it…

  4. Bummer, there’s no cross-save like the PS4/Vita version….

    Ah wellz, at least I can “draw” weiners if I so choose to pick up this game for the fourth and/or fifth time…. Which evidently I will….

  5. I think I’ll get this on the n3DS instead of the Wii U. Since it’s not a 3D game, I don’t really need HD & the 3D effect will be better.

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