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Nintendo Breaks Silence, Reaffirms Commitment To Iwata’s Dreams

In Nintendo of America’s first social media posts since yesterday’s solemn social media blackout, they have dedicated themselves to continuing Iwata’s legacy and honoring the late CEO. The Facebook and Twitter posts (seen below) reaffirm their commitments to Iwata and Iwata’s Nintendo, saying “they will spend every day trying to honor him and what he created.” In the interim, Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda are the acting CEOs of the company, who have also dedicated to keep Nintendo’s direction on point. This will hopefully quell fears that without Iwata, Nintendo will succumb to investor mismanagement.

37 thoughts on “Nintendo Breaks Silence, Reaffirms Commitment To Iwata’s Dreams”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Those greedy resource hungry fools will never get power over the empire, specially since they’ve already begun to regain their own lost shares again>>>

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          Like all great artists.

          He is only appreciated now that he is gone.

          Disgraceful he didn’t see this support while he was still breathing…

          1. I mean, there was no outpouring like we saw yesterday, but I feel like Iwata has always been unconditionally loved by fans and critics. People didn’t universally agree with his business practices, but he has been considered one of the best things about the company since he took office. This isn’t unrecognized genius — this is, for most, mourning a friend who was near and dear. He always loved his fans and his fans loved him — I’m sure he felt safe with those thoughts in his last moments.

  2. Stop talking about this guy let him rest I liked him to but doesn’t mean I need to keep hearing things about him stop crying and move forward keep making games and keeping his legacy alive that’s what he would want

    1. It’s the day after — people are still shaken. I’m glad Nintendo issued this statement.

      As far as news goes, many publishers and developers aren’t sharing things during the tragedy — we report things as soon as we hear about it. When the industry slows down to mourn one of their best, so do we.

    2. It’s only one day after the acknowledgement of Iwata’s passing, and you’re already tired of hearing about him?

  3. Soo… Are Miyamoto and this other guy permanent CEOs, or just fill-ins for the time? It’s hard to tell. As much as I like them, I don’t like the idea of them running company. We need to start fresh– Take someone new. Take Splatoon’s advice: “Stay Fresh!”

    1. They are interim CEOS — corporate structure dictates that in order for a permanent replacement, there needs to be a vote from the shareholders. So this is more the emergency measure than a permanent solution. I’m sure we will hear more soon.

      Takeda has been the acting General Manager of Nintendo Japan for years, so he certainly has the management skill to go forward for some time.

      1. Okay, I misunderstood who the second guy was, but after looking him up he seems to fit just right.

        It’s sad this has happened, so hopefully nothing else wrong comea from this.

  4. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    I wonder what game Retro has been working on for the past few years? I refuse to believe all their resources were used for DKTF I bet only half the team worked on that and I bet it didn’t take them long.

    I just know whatever they’ve been working on is being pushed to NX.
    I have a feeling.
    can’t wait to find out what.

  5. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Iwata seemed like a very sweet person and I liked him and his presentations. I didn’t like the Wii. Or Wii u. Or ds. But I love the 3DS he got that perfect imo.
    I feel like I love his ideas but I feel they executed them poorly. Again This is just my opinion.
    I liked the idea of two screens and touch but didn’t like that Zelda phantom hourglass has touch as only means of controls.
    I liked Wii but I didn’t like that there was no left handed option for skyward sword. So I didn’t like it
    I like Wii u tablet but the battery life makes it next to unusable compared to other controllers especially the pro. Granted the pad has a screen I know but still.
    I don’t think any of their games really use the touch in meaningful ways for Wii u. Not even captain toad. I can play that game with the pro controller.
    Donkey kong didn’t use it at all.
    But the off tv play is awesome I use that a lot since I share tv with my wife.

    But yeah. Sad he’s gone. But like I said I loved his ideas I just think they’re poorly executed. I think hardware held them back. I think Nintendo is just always way ahead of its time and can’t do everything they want because they also force the console to be affordable which is good but can also hold it back a little. But yeah. He was a great guy.
    Hope they continue to innovate and I hope NX has good third part support. They will need it. They need to stop being content with being people’s 2nd choice. Because now they’re not even that anymore. Then need to convince gamers to be their 1st choice!!!

    1. I love the gamepad. Just hate to have the same image on 2 screens!!. Off tv is great, but i prefer the tv screen :)
      I am sad for Iwata’s passing and curious for the future. I need info about the NX !!

  6. Nothing reels hypocrites in quite like death does.
    Nobody had a problem ranting about Iwata, calling him a disgrace of a CEO when it was about him making mistakes, but now it’s all love and ponies? Give me a rest.

    1. It’s disrespectful to say bad things about people who recently pass away.

      We agree that Steve Jobs did some terrible work ethics at Apple, but we waited a while after his death to talk about it.

      Please let time pass before talking about someone.

      Also don’t forget, in the end it’s just video games. Nothing important.

      1. Exactly- the next several weeks will not be the time to criticize. Now is the time to talk about the good he brought to gaming, and this guy made several big impacts.

  7. Man I love my PS4 and all. But I miss My dear iwata :( he is a legend man. He deserve to be treated with kind and love. And remembered when Nintendo makes video games.

  8. still can’t believe it, I still hope Nintendo playing a sick joke and they will say: “ha ha it was a joke, Iwata-san is still alive!!”

    I won’t be two face about it because I respect the man he was. I admired the fact he took 2 pay cut (2009 and 2013), resisted that voice chat thing, mobile game, online shit and protect his developers during tough time. I don’t know any CEO who would have done it. You have to give him kuddos for that.

    Saying that I disagree with him in so many points. He should have been more “aggressive” toward Reggie and Shibata-san. He should have put more marketing efforts everywhere not just in Japan. He should have made the decision for Nintendo to deal with and support more 3rd party studio. I still don’t understand why he has not remove the region lock.

    Now he is gone, I really fear for Nintendo future. He was a dickhead in some point and a genius in the other hand but you know there were some glimpse of hopes. Now I have no hope at all for Nintendo. Iwata-san is dead so Nintendo as well.

  9. People saying “we need to remember the negatives about him because yes i’m a herrp” simply disgust me.

    Go take a crap out or something if you want negative stuff at this moment. No one will tell you right away that your mother’s vagina was like a public restroom over her entire life right after she died. Maybe on the year after, but not one week after. Except if you’re really a douchebag in need of a reality check.

    Iwata was probably the only CEO in the gaming industry who actually cared about games, if not, one of the few still left… and actually developed games!… was a talented programmer… understood the developers… had some quality standards… and actually had this conviction to bring more fun games to us. That’s what gaming is to me: fun. Being able to get away from this world to actually have fun in another imaginary world. Even though some long time fans couldn’t see fun anymore, but plenty of others did.

    Yep, cancer is definitely a dumb fuck bitch.

    1. Yes, this. I won’t hide my disdain for some of his decisions, but now, and for several weeks to months later, will not be the time to talk about them. And let’s be real, a good many of his decisions turned out very well. Without him, a lot of what we know and have now may never have occurred.

  10. As much as I love Miyamoto’s games, I don’t want him to be a permanent CEO for Nintendo. We need someone who will be aggressive & actually try to compete with the other two companies. No more of this playing second fiddle to some other console maker.

  11. The investors were the ones that made Iwata sick. They have wanted control over Nintendo for years. Doesn’t anybody find it weird that Nintendo were so Anti-Mobile, until just recently? It’s because Iwata succuumed to the investors demands, in fear of his, and his families life. After he struck the Mobile deal, it was time to get rid of him.

  12. HazetheMotherF*ckingHawk13

    Better late then never, I would like to put in my two cents in about Nintendo’s former President Mr. Satoru Iwata. I will give a warning now that everything I have to say about him is not in kind words although I am sorry to hear of his death and truly do give my deepest and most sincere condolences to Mr. Iwata’s family, close friends, and associates.

    First I would like to talk a bit about the good thing’s in my opinion that has come from Satoru Iwata. At a early age after graduating from university, Iwata joined a game development studio by the name of HAL Laboratory. He became the company’s coordinator of software production in 1983 and worked on such titles as Balloon Fight, Earthbound (Mother) and the Kirby games. Iwata has even helped in the development of some of the Pokemon games such as creating the compression tools that allowed them to fit in Kanto to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Indeed as a game developer I can not possibly argue that Mr. Iwata not was one of the greats and has helped in some of the biggest gaming franchises ever released.

    Now for the Negative. Although I have previously said I though Mr. Iwata was a great game programmer, as Head of Nintendo of Japan however I think he was not the greatest choice.Mr. Iwata was highly involved in the development of both the Nintendo DS and Wii and directed Nintendo to produce the units, which did proved highly financially successful for the company. However was it the Consoles themselves or the games that sold the units? I ask you to take away all of the Games from both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo WII and just look at the consoles themselves and compare them to their competitors at the time. Compare the Nintendo DS to the PSP then compare the Nintendo Wii to the 360 and PS3. What you end up realizing is that the Nintendo DS and Wii were actually very cheap manufactured and very under powered consoles that were made with cheap gimmicks to try to boost sells. The only reason they were so successful is thanks to the mas library of games on the unites (That Mr. Iwata had nothing to do with) and nothing more. Nintendo got lucky and because of that luck Mr. Iwata got the idea that it was ok to released cheap systems with gimmicks and that is how we got the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. True the 3DS is doing well but once again it is only due to the games. Ask People with a 3DS why they bought it and I am sure the answer will not be for the 3D effects. Then the Wii U to me has to be the biggest joke of all. The Wii U console come out int 2012 for $349.99 but here is the thing. It isn’t even as advanced as the 360 and PS3 consoles that came out back around 2006 and there are rumors from dedicated gaming websites that Nintendo’s next Console code named NX won’t be nowhere on the same power level as the PS4 and Xbox One. To me these are extremely idiotic choices and to be honest I just named some of the things I think Mr. Iwata failed at and if I truly wanted I could go on for hours listing other huge mistakes the man has made as President of Nintendo. I wrote this because I am sick of hearing people online talking about Iwata’s great legacy as the head of Nintendo when in reality most of the choices he made in my opinion were foolish, idiotic, and brought the company to new lows. I hope that Nintendo’s next president can make better decisions and hopefully get Nintendo on track again because to be honest Nintendo has been nothing more then a laughing stock in the gaming world for the past few years and I really want to see that change and see them do right again.

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