Platinum Games Kenji Saito Would Like To Make Kill La Kill Or Berserk Game

Platinum Games are always inundated with requests to tackle a number of prolific franchises. A Twitter user has asked Kenji Saito a programmer and director at Platinum Games to start to developing a video game based on Gatchaman or Karas. Saito replied by saying that he would rather make a game based on Kill La Kill or Berserk. Both of these would make excellent video games. Platinum Games is currently working on a number of games including Scalebound, Transformers Devastation, and Star Fox Zero.



      1. wow, flying boobs and butts, what an awesome idea for a good game (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡︵ ┻━┻


      2. You mean like Bayonetta 2 AKA the highest rated game on Wii U?
        Leave your fucking SJW pretensions at the door fag, a tit shot is not going to make a game any less good if it is well designed.


      3. I didn’t mean that a “titshot” makes a game less good. FYI I really like Bayonetta but when I speak about fan-service I mean the bad one, like senran kagura, those games are really shitty and sell only because they show boobs and butts as if there were no tomorrow


      1. Are you implying that the sexual stuff in Berserk is mindless fanservice?
        No, just no; sex in Berserk is not supposed to be fapped at, if anything it is often played for tension or horror.

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  1. Never heard of Kill la kill, but i remember Berserk, it was so brutal. “So put your grasses on, nothing will be wrong!” LOL (that opening song is so bad that its good, tell me why, tell me why)


  2. I hope next E3 will have an announcement related to this. I would love a continuation of the movies. The story is already layed out.


    1. The movies end in the Eclipse, right? That’s like chapter 90-something in the manga, which kept going up to over 300 chapters, so yeah, they have a ton of material to draw from.


      1. Though, just because he wants to doesn’t mean he gets to, sadly.

        Though I have high hopes for the Marvel games since it seems recently Platinum has been working with Activision for licensed IPs, and Activision has made Marvel video games (Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool, etc) in the past.


  3. Huge Gatchaman fan here. I wish he had shown some interest in making that. A film studio called Imagi almost made an animated movie a few years back but opted to make Astroboy instead. I think it would have been really good. There was a live action japanese movie a few years later, but it wasn’t very faithful to the 1970s anime. It seems like Gatchaman just can’t make the comeback it deserves. There’s Gatchaman Crowds, but it has nothing to do with the original.

    I actually made this fan video a few years ago. <3 Joe the Condor


  4. As much as I would love to see a Berserk game (And finally have Guts kill Griffith since the manga is apparently never going to end), I think the Platinum style is more suited for Kill La Kill.

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