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STARWHAL Adds Wii U Exclusive Mode, Blastopus

Starwhal: Just the Tip is likely one of the most easily recognizable games in the indie scene. Likely the only “multiplayer space narwhal game,” the title has been critically acclaimed throughout its multi-system release. However, regardless if you’ve played the zany jousting game before, you are going to want to pick up the Wii U version for the exclusive mode: Blastopus. In Blastopus, a fifth player with the GamePad can be added to the action. This rogue agent will be the Blastopus, tasked with annhilating the other narwhals with bombs using the touch screen. Check out the video (below) for a better idea. While developer Breakfall has mentioned they are almost done with the Wii U version, there is still no official release date, just speculation of a late summer release.

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