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Story Of Seasons For Nintendo 3DS Is XSEED’s Fastest-Selling Game In North America

XSEED is extremely proud of how well Story of Seasons has sold in North America as the publisher says it is the company’s fastest selling video game in North America. XSEED says they have shifted over 100,000 units to date in North America since its release on March 31st. In addition to this, the company has said that they have sold over 160,000 units of Rune Factory 4 which launched in North America in October 2013.

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19 thoughts on “Story Of Seasons For Nintendo 3DS Is XSEED’s Fastest-Selling Game In North America”

      1. Its the new harvest moon from the harvest moon CREATOR. He is not allowed to release his games under the harvest moon name because his old publisher got it so… Ywah its from a famous franchise.

        1. I find it awesome its my second favorite (being the first the psone version. Sorry i wasnt a nintendo kid until the wii : $)

        1. 100,000 units?

          That’s not very many IMO. I was planning on picking it up, but since I saw Harvest Moon coming to Wii U I’m not going to. I always prefer home console vs portable.

          1. That’s the Harvest Moon made by Natsume, the ones that translated the series before XSEED, since Natsume owns the rights about HM they named their game like that, Story of Seasons is part of the old HM games but XSEED couldn’t name the new game HM because Natsume, it’s very confusing but let’s put it like this
            Story of Seasons= Old Harvest Moon Series (Bokumomo in Japan) made by Marvelous
            Harvest Moon The Lost Valley and Seed of Memories: made by Natsume

          2. @strangablog

            “And WTF is this game again? Fastest seller in America and one of the games that were never noticeably known to the public? Doubt it.”

            The article states the game, Story Of Seasons, is XSEED’S fastest selling title in North America mate. I’m not sure if you are taking this article as if it’s stating “Story Of Seasons is one of the fastest selling titles in NA~”!

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