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For Kirby’s Birthday Nintendo America Is Releasing Three Games On Wii U eShop

Kirby’s birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate it than release three of the pink puffball’s exemplary titles on the Wii U eShop. The games will be available to purchase on July 30th. The news was revealed today via Nintendo of America’s Twitter account.


118 thoughts on “For Kirby’s Birthday Nintendo America Is Releasing Three Games On Wii U eShop”

      1. Kirby is so annoying in smash bros… Every time he gets hit he yells the same stupid noise: … “LAHHH!!”
        “LAHHH!!” “LAHHH!!”

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Not to mention that the newbies only spam the same damn move every time, learn to play boring cattle>>>

          1. People spammed his standard A combo in Brawl. LMAO that used to be so annoying if you were stuck near a wall or something.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      This has been going on for pretty much EVER. Just buy a Wii U. That is the whole point of putting these games on the system in the first place, so people will have to buy it to play the games. Plus, the Wii U is played on a t.v. set which outputs a larger picture, which is better than the 3DS’ small screen anyway.

      1. Don’t be a troll. He likes the Wii U more, does that offend you? To call him mentally challenged is to ignite a flame war.

        I like Wii U better, too. I think the 3DS is overrated. Am I mentally retarded for having an opinion you disagree with?

        Jeez, the Internet these days…

        1. I can tell you are one of the more intelligent commenters here, but I think the both of you are fanboys. I’m surprised that Nintendo hasn’t ditched this abomination.

          1. You are also a 3DS fanboy, or an intense Wii U hater. Before any flame wars start, I’d honestly insult you for calling the Wii U an abomination if I didn’t know any better.

      1. Without being disrespectful to iwata, but since he took the reins of Nintendo, they have been trying to make Kirby Nintendo’s official mascot, remember how Kirby’s 20th anniversary was better than Mario’s?
        Yeah, that was pretty big for a b-list character like Kirby, even metroid (an A list franchise) deserves more recognition.

        1. I wouldn’t say Kirby’s becoming the new mascot. Kirby’s more relevant/iconic than Metroid nowadays anyway. There are still SIGNIFICANTLY more Mario games than Kirby games coming out, and Kirby didn’t even get a Smash newcomer.

          1. Don’t even go there about Smash… Why is it that Kirby practically stars in almost everyone’s illustration image? He doesn’t belong on Shulk’s and you have Pit on there as well. Doesn’t appear on Rosalina’s? That’s because he’s the star of the trailer! He may not have a newcomer but one of Sakurai’s characters still did, doesn’t make much of a difference. Oh wait it does! Why? There was no reason to add Dark Pit, and they still threw that worthless piece of junk in there. Then we can never forget how Kirby is the star of the Subspace Emissary, how it’s Meta Knight’s ship that’s featured throughout the entire journey, and it’s thanks to Dedede somehow that his little badges reawaken the fighters from the trophy forms. My only concern with Iwata’s death is if somehow Sakurai becomes the one who will take his place, then we’ll know Kirby will start to take over Mario’s place as the mascot of Nintendo AND video games. There’s plenty more to complain about Kirby in Smash but I think those are enough just to see some of the poor choices made.

              1. You’re missing the point. Smash is a conglomeration of ALL or most Nintendo series but those two have so much bias, especially in the last two games, that it’s borderline detrimental to Smash as a whole.

        2. As much as I love Metroid, there is no way Metroid is considered an A-List franchise considering the support it rarely gets. A-List Nintendo franchises are to Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. Even though Metroid should be considered B-List, it’s probably at the bottom of that list at this point… :/ Even Fire Emblem is higher than it now.

    1. They should release that Kirby anniversary game that came out a couple of years ago for Wii onto the eShop.

      1. Is it out of print? I have two of them but for those that missed out, it’s a very good deal. The challenges with kirbys powers are really good

          1. Kirby isn’t on life support- if any Nintendo franchises can claim to be that, it’s Metroid and Star Fox.

            …Or anything that isn’t Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon, really

        1. Well if they wanted to make Kirby relevant then it would also be on the 3ds with its huge user base. But alas it will only be on the Wii U for Kirby’s special occasion. Yeah right, totally for the Wii U and not Kirby.

            1. Don’t feed him, he’s an old troll, or new troll using an old trolls name. Just ignore him and he’ll go away like he did the first time.

            2. We know about all that though. He’s likely talking about the Wii U and its abysmal sales. Yes, techinically it’s turning a profit now…but only a very small one. It looks like it won’t even reach GameCube levels of sales…and it’s obvious why that is…

              No metroid, paper Mario, animal crossing, kirby (a true instalment like returns to dreamland), fire emblem, warioware, etc…all turn fans like me off of Nintendo. Granted, there are a FEW great games for the system (mainly pikmin 3) but seriously not enough.

              How much has the 3ds sold overall now? 40-60 million? That’s nothing compared to the DS before…although, admittedly, still great sales. Amiibo isn’t selling as well as it could due to retarded practices with their production (and scalpers). Splatoon sold over a million? Great! Doesn’t mean much in the big picture (other than potentially getting ‘Splatoon 2’).

              I REALLY want Nintendo to try and appeal to the ps4/xb1 crowd as it would likely result in…
              More third party support
              Better graphics
              Better online

              1. Better online & more 3rd party support is integral. Better graphics is a bonus. Achievements, I don’t really care about those unless they help out with leveling up in-game skills or attacks.

    2. Why the hate on Kirby? It’s an awesome video game character. And actually my favorite of all time, first Amiibo I got. Love that little pink puff of stuff.

        1. Amazing logic there anonymous (ccc clone). Bravo, just bravo damn. I am fairly happy so I guess technically you’re correct.


          1. I agree Kirby is awesome when he sucks up his enemies he gains there ability and powers cooler than mario

      1. I don’t understand the hate either. He’s a great character, and there hasn’t been a terrible Kirby game yet. They all are in the range of average to amazing

    3. Maybe that’s why the VC is so small….they only want to release games on that games birthday lol. Also to people bitching about no love for 3DS….which console needs help? Exactly.

      1. Dude, Wii U has a major VC line up when compared to 3DS. Releasing a few kirby games isn’t going to “help” sale Wii U systems. Wii U gets GBA games but the handhelds dont? Exactly….

          1. But, for some reason, still has a lot less platforms for games (it’s become Nintendo consoles-only, instead of the Wii, where you could experience games from consoles like the TG16).

    4. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

      Kirby is badass , anyone who disagrees can go to hell , reincarnate , die, and go to hell again… Though none will be as divine as I .


              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>That Sonyan cretin is no longer a threat, this is basically Anubis shape-shifting at will as always>>>

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>There you are Sub-Commander, you’ll be featured in my next silly edited video>>>

    5. For Mario’s birthday, he gets a dream game of people actually building and sharing custom levels from their favorite retro Mario games. Kirby gets a big sale and Zelda gets the next evolutionary gameplay in its next big title. But what does Metroid get for its birthday? A FUCKING CHIBI-DS STYLED MOBILE GAME SHOOTER WITH FIFA SOCCER IN SPACE! X(

      1. Metroid’s 30th Anniversary is going to be so fucking lame. I really do hope they are hiding a 3DS remake, in the same vein as Zero Mission was to the original Metroid, of Metroid II from us. And if they are, it better come with Zero Mission as a free bonus game.

          1. They probably won’t, though. If they did, Federation Force would get annihilated by it like the filthy fucking trash shit that it is.

              1. I got someone talking to me right now that’s defending Federation Shitstain with the “But it’s a spin-off!” excuse.

                  1. Well I pointed out to him Metroid Prime is technically a spin-off *because it doesn’t pertain to the mainline Metroid games* & if it had been given a cartoony look, it would have received the same backlash this travesty of a Metroid game is getting.

                    The stuff in asterisks is something I didn’t say but should have.

              2. So sadly Nintendo is only as stupid as their fanboys. If they would all shut the fuck up, Nintendo might actually listen to the rest of us.

                1. Nintendo is purposely taking the easy route. Making sure they spend as little as possible and get back as much as they can. I’m starting to think they made the Wii U and 3DS “underpowered” so they could spend less cash. I don’t buy the innovation BS anymore. XD

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