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Final Fantasy Explorers Coming to North America And Europe

Square Enix has today confirmed that the intriguing Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS is heading over to the west in 2016. The JRPG will be arriving in the United States on January 26th and in Europe on January 29th. The latest Final Fantasy game invites players to “band together to form an elite squad of Explorers with your friends, braving hordes of monsters in hopes of conquering a newly discovered Grand Crystal – every Explorer’s dream.”

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21 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers Coming to North America And Europe”

    1. No waiting for extra goodies for pre ordering?! it’s possible they’ll do some kind of something cool. This does look wicked though.

    1. I’m actually playing through Final Fantasy V Advance right now, and I’m 21 hours into the game.

      I’m sure as hell getting Final Fantasy Explorers.

  1. Awesome someone must of been reading my comments finally a action RPG with cool fast combat even more awesome we get to play as lighting

  2. Generic Screen Name

    Hmm I really wish they would make a sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles that was on the GC. The ds ones didnt do it justice.

  3. Finally! If Enix won’t get their head out of their ass and get me Dragon Quest, I’ll take this instead!

  4. Gaah, cant wait. I know this is fairly pointless but I wish you could have NPC creatures as pets that would just follow you around. That’s my love and want to play WoW again coming out though.

    Cloud boooooy!

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