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Tingle Costume Rumoured For Super Mario Maker

A number of you may have spotted an image floating around social media which shows a Tingle costume in Super Mario Maker. Now this clearly a rumour as it could quite easily be faked, plus you know there is no Tingle amiibo. Still, it would be rather neat if he did appear in some form in the ambitious game.

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42 thoughts on “Tingle Costume Rumoured For Super Mario Maker”

  1. It’s also possible that not all costumes are amiibo based right? I mean I’m not against it or anything, but still.

    1. do you really think they where going to keep up with the wiiu when it’s their worst selling home console ever, they tried releasing multiple big releases and non of them worked, and they obviously won’t work in the future

        1. Sales will HEAVILY increase when Zelda U comes out. I know a lot of people that are on the edge of getting a Wii U, only for Zelda U. They need an awesome E3 trailer (something along the lines of the Twilight Princess reveal trailer) and great commercials for the game, or else it will most likely end up the same as any other Zelda game.

          1. But at this point is Zelda U enough to keep those people on the fence, on the fence for Wii U or for the newer possibly stronger NX? I know 3 people other than me in this exact situation. : /.

          2. “Sales will HEAVILY increase when Zelda U comes out.” This sounds familiar somehow. Oh yeah! Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, & Smash 4 says hiiiiiiii!

            1. In retrospect, sales did increase well for both Mario Kart and Smash. I mean, it wasn’t quite as big of number that people might have expected, but they moved a good amount of units for both.

                  1. Don’t hold your breath, though. Nintendo has failed with marketing before on big titles for the Wii U. The only game that is actually getting good marketing is Splatoon & it’s built like a casual game.

        2. I myself don’t count the Virtual Boy when I consider Nintendo’s worst selling console. Because that wasn’t an actual home console. It was more of a handheld hybrid of sorts. VERY different from their main consoles.

      1. But plenty of advertising would have gone a long way. And this is coming from Wii U owner, since the first weekend after launch.

  2. Considering there’s more costumes in Super Mario Maker than there are amiibo, I don’t think there being no Tingle amiibo is really evidence against this.

  3. True or not, it doesn’t matter to me since I won’t be buying this game.


      1. I believe he’s talking about the recently-discovered point that you have to play the game at least 5 minutes a day for 9 days to unlock all the creation tools, all of which are already on the disc.

        I understand why they did that though- to pander to the casuals whom they still think are the majority of the Wii U user base.

        1. Thank you. The only person that knew what the hell I was actually talking about. And yes. The casuals. Like WWE, the casual fan will destroy Nintendo in the long run.

      2. What Brisk said. Screw that 9 day waiting bullshit. I’m not a casual that needs my hand held and am a big boy. Give me everything on the disc on day 1, not 9 days from then. I paid 60 bucks so I expect all on-disc content on that exact day. At least it could have been locked behind a task system.

        1. So you would have been fine with a “make 3 levels with these tools to unlock the next set” sort of method, yes?

          1. Of course. It’s the best way to do games like these. If it isn’t fucking broke, don’t fucking fix it. Nintendo needs to learn this badly but apparently refuse to do so. Time to stop making innovative controls & work on the internal hardware for a gen or two.

    1. The costumes are all unlockable without amiibo though. Amiibo just unlock them instantly.

      The only real locked content is the giant mushroom, which you get from the 8bit Mario amiibo. Not that big of a deal for one small thing.

      1. I’ll buy it… when Nintendo removes that stupid 9 day wait bullshit. So therefore I have enough of a brain to NOT support this crap. The game drought is not going to manipulate me into supporting every single trash that hits the console.

        1. So you’re not buying a game that can keep you entertained for months just because of the first 9 days of owning it. Yeah, okay.

          1. Exactly. I’m not a novice nor am I a casual. I don’t need Daddy Nintendo to hold my hand for 9 days because he thinks I’m too stupid or too novice to handle all of the features at once on day 1. I didn’t support Splatoon for pulling that crap so I won’t support Mario Maker for doing the same bullshit.

  4. “Still, it would be rather neat if he did appear in some form ”
    No I don’t find it neat, Tingle actually bothers me a bit.

    I would much rather see Birdo.

    1. Not all costumes are based on amiibo. If this is real, it’d be one you can only get through in-game challenges.

  5. If they would make a Tingle amiibo… Well you know what they say, “if you can’t eat it or dance with it, fuck it or throw it away”

  6. There are 90 costumes but not 90 amiibos currently out there- some had to be just-because costumes.

    There had BETTER be a Waluigi costume then…

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