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Dr. Mario Amiibo Is Exclusive To Target In The United States

Well it would seem as though the rumours are true as the Nintendo of America website has the Dr. Mario amiibo as a target exclusive in the United States. This is sure to displease many collectors who are finding it hard to obtain amiibo as it is. The site says that it is exclusive to the retailer at launch, so you may be able to find it at other retailers a few months down the line.

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27 thoughts on “Dr. Mario Amiibo Is Exclusive To Target In The United States”

    1. I did the math with 1,900+ target stores available in the US and the grand stock of 100K… So if that stock number is true/accurate then each store should get about 50. (May be more or less of course)

  1. “This is sure to displease many collectors who are finding it hard to obtain amiibo as it is.”

    Actually, I think it makes many collectors happy to see that Dr. Mario is an exclusive amiibo. Exclusive amiibos have been much easier to obtain recently because all of the stock is concentrated into one retailer rather than it being spread out across multiple different retailers. We’ve already seen it being easy to obtain retailer exclusives such as the Retro 3-pack, Dark Pit, Palutena, and even Jigglypuff with Jigglypuff’s online and in-store restock. I even walked into my local Target today and found out that they still have 2 Jigglypuffs from Jigglypuff’s restocks! Dr. Mario already seems like he’ll be pretty easy to find, as it’s already been confirmed that Target is getting 100,000+ stock of Dr. Mario. Of course, you’d still need to make sure to buy it within a day or two of its launch before their stock runs out, but at the very least, it’ll be easier for you to find it when it is released. On /r/amiibo, i’ve seen many people start to shift attitudes about exclusives and actually wish for more amiibos to be exclusive since they’re much easier to find.

    Personally, i’m very glad Dr. Mario is an exclusive to Target, and i’m glad that signs are pointing towards Bowser Jr. being a Toys R Us exclusive.

      1. Double-edged sword- you could be SOL if one of those stores is nowhere around. I have a friend who tries to collect amiibo but there isn’t a Best Buy within 70 miles of him, making getting Dark Pit and Meta Knight next to impossible. Also, when people know a figure is exclusive somewhere, EVERYONE is going to be at the closest store to them hours before they open, with no guarantees they will get one.

        I am against retailer-exclusives for these reasons.

        1. @TheManofBrisk: That’s true and I completely understand why anybody would not like retailer exclusives for that reason. For me, I only have one Toys R Us that is near me and that Toys R Us is a good 20 – 30 minutes away from me. If that Toys R Us sells out, i’m pretty much screwed. That actually just happened the other day to me with the Wii Fit Trainer restocks. I called Toys R Us to ask if they had any, and the person on the phone said they got 4 of them the day before I called and they all sold out on the same day.

          As for everyone being at those stores hours before they open, I think that is more based on location. Obviously everybody is going to be focusing on those stores and going to them (that’s a big con to retail exclusives), but for me, I haven’t had much of a problem with people camping or getting them before others. On Dark Pit’s release, I went to a Best Buy near me that was supposed to be getting 42 of them at 10:20am (20 minutes after opening) and only a few people were there purchasing Dark Pit. There were also still a ton of stock of Dark Pit. Dark Pit did sell out in all of the Best Buys near me after a day or two, though. I know that there are people in my area buying a lot of amiibos, but I don’t think people in my area rush to stores as soon as they open to buy them or camp out for them (probably because of work/school). However, if you live in a location like Southern California or New York City, that would be a pretty huge problem. I’ve seen many posts on /r/amiibo where people who live in high density locations like Southern California or New York City are camping more than 10 hours before the store’s opening in order to secure an amiibo. These lines usually get to 30+ people, so I can see that being a huge problem for many people.

      2. For fuck sakes really?!?! I thought Nintendo learned from their mistakes! Uuggghhhh so much for trying to get dr.mario now, looks like I can’t! Why do they do these stupid ass store exclusives for? This is all I wanted, a simple dr mario figurine that I can’t probably get now because of fucktard scalpers are goin to buy them! And to top it all off I only have one target!

      3. I had no problem finding Jigglypuff when it released (as a Target exclusive). I’m nearly always the only one at the stores to buy the amiibos on release day (aside from my sister and brother).

        But………’s moments like this where I hate being American. Why is Nintendo Of America always screwing fans over? Everywhere else in the world, you can go into any store and buy any amiibo. But we here in North America are screwed by all of the store exclusives. WHY? There’s no excuse. The amiibo’s don’t even say “Target Exclusive”, or Gamestop Exclusive” etc. on the packaging. More proof that it’s just retarded Nintendo Of America doing retarded things to it’s customers.

        1. Beat me to it lol. Walgreens exclusive really isn’t that far fetched. They get exclusive hasbro toys all the time.

      4. I never got these retailer exclusive figures all company do. I assume they want all figures to sell well but doing this just makes it harder to aquire

        1. That’s probably a European or Japanese imported Dr. Mario amiibo from a third-party seller where shipping is being fulfilled by Amazon.

      5. There was a ton of Jigglypuffs at Target, Apalutenas at Amazon, Dark Pits at Best Buy, and, Retro 3 packs are still available at Game stop. shouldn’t be a problem

      6. Boo hoo. You can export these things from Japan RIGHT NOW for $20.

        Not that bad and you can actually find them, unlike in American stores.

      7. Unless you actually mean that the amiibo is only available in the United States, I think a better wording of the title would be “In the United States, Dr. Mario Amiibo is exclusive to Target”.

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