Extremely Violent Castlevania Anime Is Coming

Fans of Castlevania will possibly be rejoicing after it was revealed that an extremely violent Castlevania anime series is coming. It won’t be a live series as was originally planned, but instead it will be an animated mini-series. The anime’s story will be based around the events in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and will be made by Frederator who were behind Adventure Time and Fairly OddParents. It will feature Dracula’s son Alucard and is said to be very, very violent.

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      1. xD I’m pretty sure it’s a typo. Least I hope it is as Attack on Titan was confusing enough, so Attack in Titan sounds worse. I use to think Attack on Titan was about a group of people attacking a place called Titan. Then I found out the English name was total shit as the series was actually about giant monsters called titans, not a city or kingdom named Titan that was under siege from enemy armies. Attack on Titan is one of those anime names when you wonder what the fuck was the dubbing team fucking thinking.


    1. The games itself feature some very gruesome topics come to think of it. I think it will overshadow quite the majority of gory animu.


  1. Oh god. I was into this until I saw it’s being made by the creators of Adventure Time and Fairly OddParents. It’s going to look like shit. Keep those childish shmucks away from Castlevania, please. The babies probably think they can make a violent series just by splashing blood across a cartoon drawing.


      1. Yes let’s. I just saw the list of Frederator projects… you’ll have to wonder what “very, very violent” from this studio will look like…

        If they make this wrong, I hope they’re ready for the backlash…


    1. Funny, someone with an anime avatar calling smart writers childish when your characters have to scream everything and be as unsubtle as possible.


      1. What’s worse? The fact that you responded to my comment, or the fact that you called the writers of Fairly Oddparents “smart”? Haha.


  2. Are they going to the “extremely violent” direction with this to make it look like mature? I mean sure every 12 year old probably thinks the more blood, more mature, but thats not the case.

    Im sure this will be like the rest of the other animes out there, Digimon level basic stupid story of a guy who wakes up and has some stupid power ups, screaming and lots of blood. Then the bad guy powers up 1202131920481938502375 times and so forth.

    I still find it ironic that some consider animes with blood being “mature” LOL

    Best anime though:

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    1. Well depends, is it Bleach types of blood where it’s effectively standard “you bleed when you fight with weapons” or is it more Higurashi “you bleed when this psychopath breaks and decides to torture you and slowly cut off each of your limbs” types of blood. So basically context makes maturity

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  3. This is a cartoon, not an anime. Seriously, this studio is 100% American. Even if the IP is Japanese, the people behind the “anime” are american and it’s not even a studio that makes anime styled cartoons. They do occasionally have references to anime, but this does not leave me that hopeful for this thing. The studio who did Avatar/Legend of Korra, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond or any of those heavily anime influenced american shows, I can understand. Heck, Teen Titans even had a J-Pop opening, so those were like as amernime as possible, but these guys don’t do the American anime style, they just do typical American cartoons. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, but I’m not getting myself hype til I see it


    1. This might be them trying to delve into more realistic type of artstyles, so like others have said, let’s wait & see. Those other cartoons under their belt might have looked that way not because the artists don’t have the skills but because they made the cartoons look that way to cater to the young audiences they were meant for. Kids don’t care if a cartoon looks anatomically correct, after all.


  4. Castlevania is dead, people. I don’t say that because of this cartoon. I just mean that, like great game IPs like Contra and Megaman and a whole slew of sega franchises, this series is dead. At least it lives on in part through Bloodstained. One can only hope we will see Simon Belmont one last time in Smash.


    1. Yes because fictional violence is the cause for real life violence. Humans were NEVER violent before the advent of violence used for entertainment purposes. When we get rid of all of this evil shit, the world will return to it’s natural state of peace, love, & harmony. I’ll be glad when we rid the world of violent video games, movies-… Okay! That’s enough sarcasm. Face facts, my boy. Humans are inherently violent, some far more violent than others. And we’ll continue to be so til either God gets tired of us & wipes us all out of existence, including those already dead, as the movie Legion used for their plot, or Jesus comes & ends all strife and we all go to Heaven to live happily ever after and Hell becomes a paradise & ceases to be a prison for the worst humanity has had to offer.


  5. I’m going to take a “wait & see” approach to this as these guys could be trying to branch out to more adult, I use that term loosely, oriented cartoons.


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