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UK Publication MCV To Drop Weekly Charts

MCV, the trade magazine and website for the UK video game industry, has announced today that they are set to drop the weekly charts. The reason being is that they don’t believe they give an accurate representation of video game sales. This is because they neglect to take into account digital sales which is a growing area. If you have read the magazine you’ll notice that they have two pages dedicated to the UK charts and these will be dropped for features.

The Steam charts are global, and Valve hasn’t responded to our requests for a UK-focused Top Ten. Microsoft kindly supply us with an Xbox Live chart, but they’re only able to include digital 360 games. Sony started supplying PSN information, but stopped over a year ago.

And as for the main chart – the All-Formats Top 40 – it misses out on the rapidly growing digital sector, which means it’s not an accurate representation of our industry or what consumers are buying.

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6 thoughts on “UK Publication MCV To Drop Weekly Charts”

  1. exactly CHARTS = DERP and short term thinking mario kart 8 is ever green it will keep selling

    and the myth charts take into account digital IS EXPOSED

  2. Gotta love how they don’t even mention Nintendo.
    Anyway charts without numbers are stupid. Only Japan is doing it right.

  3. … What..? *looks back at all of the weekly UK sales articles & glares* Well let’s burn all of those since they aren’t even accurate.

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