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Netflix Has Been Updated On Wii U

Good news for Netflix subscribers as the company has updated the Wii U application. The application has a brand new interface and the image is now displayed on both screens at the same time. The new app also features multiple profiles, which is something that Wii U users have been requesting for a long time. Go check it out for yourselves!


Thanks, Dawii

31 thoughts on “Netflix Has Been Updated On Wii U”

  1. “The image is now displayed on both screens at the same time.” Dang, I don’t use Netflix on the Wii U, but I would have expected that to be a feature from the beginning…

    1. The gamepad was used for a info screen and navigation, though it was stupid that had to switch to off tv to get headphones working and then the info screen was on TV.
      So this would be better when watching netflix on TV and with headphones

  2. I hope there’s a way to turn the video off on the gamepad without having to do it through the home menu, or else I’m going to find using Netflix on my Wii U incredibly annoying now.

  3. Gear Games Interactive

    Oh look, a feature I never use on my GAMES CONSOLE that shows videos I can easily watch on my COMPUTER through an app of the same name called NETFLIX… What I’m saying is that games consoles are games consoles… that’s it

        1. Or, some think it’s easier to just use their game system, instead of stringing cords from their computer to the TV. You know it’s ok to have different opinions right?

        2. What a pain in the ass. Besides, not everyone uses a computer very often you know.

          I have a tablet, my phone, my DS and the WiiU for watching online stuff. It’s browser is much faster than most PC’s anyway. The WiiU Translates HTML5 like Neo navigates the Matrix. Fast.

          I have two great PC’s, but who has time to boot them up! Not me!

        3. I actually love using Netflix on my game consoles. The only thing I use my ps3 for is videos. It’s just more convenient I feel.

      1. And still forces on the fucking Gamepad for menu selection instead of giving other controller options like the Wii Remote. Still nothing new besides a beyond too late feature.

        1. I feel sorry for you, always focusing on the negative no matter how small. Always rejecting the positive no matter how large. It must be a horrible life. What I’m trying to say is that, can you PLEASE focus on the positive, and stop bringing up the tiny tiny tiny tiny negetives!

        2. should have been fully supported in the first place

          a nice smooth touch interface plus a wii remote point option for tv

          also a dolby digital decoder for the wii u cpu would be nice as the movies dont support direct 5.1 only DD or am i wrong there

          lol doing these apps on dualshock

        3. I dont like Netflix on wii u, i rather use it on my ps3 or even tge wii(with component cables), being forced to use the game pad is not that nice, i do use sometimes the gamepad to watch Netflix when i dont wanna make noise but most of the time i go for the big tv and ia really annoying that the force a controller, damn even i use a wireless keyboard on Netflix for ps3, why cant i use my wii u pro controller?

          1. your wiiu ships with a game pad

            and how is clunking around a screen on a dualshock in any way shape or form as sweet as a touch screen

            LOL DUDE

          2. ALRIGHT! I’m going to try it now. Besides the new features the Netflix app on wiiU is very slow and just awful. I’m ready for it to be different!

          3. Now we wait for the 3ds counterpart ( unless it already exist where you can choose profile and not just watch from the main account )

          4. Only thing is now if you watching a movie, you have to touch your Gamepad every 59 mintues or the console shuts off. It was stupid to put this feature in the console in 2008 before thinking about watching movies over 60 mintues long. Should had thought about that when Project Cafe was in R&D. Does Nintendo even have R&D? If they do they not using it.

          5. Does this update come with the ability to watch Netflix using my Wiimote so I can watch Netflix while I go to sleep next to my wife like we use to do when watching Netflix on the Wii? *reads Stranga’s comment again* No!? Then what good is this fucking update for people like me that like to watch shit when we try to go to sleep!? The Gamepad isn’t sleep time friendly when I want to actually laze about in my bed for a nap or a good night’s rest.

            “Why are you focusing on the negative & not the positive?” Because I have the right to complain when an app forgets a certain feature many of us Wii Netflix users became accustomed to when the new console still supports the controllers of the old one. If you still want to continue to defend Nintendo on this subject, some of you are accustomed to getting physical copies of a game so how will you guys react if & when the next console doesn’t afford you that luxury & forces you to go all digital, are you going to concentrate on the positive aspects of such a console? Fuck no! You are going to focus on the negative & complain just like me & Stranga are doing right now with the god damn Wii U Netflix app! SO BACK OFF!!!

            Ugh. I know Stranga is whiny sometimes but my god! Quit acting like you won’t do what he’s doing right now in the future if Nintendo suddenly does something you utterly fucking hate with a god damn passion.

            *going to regret saying this guy’s name* Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX will no doubt do just what Stranga is doing now if Nintendo tells him they are going to do what Microsoft was originally going to do with the X-Box One with their next home console & handheld system. He’s going to enter a pissed off & frenzied robotic state where he’s going to want to do like he did to his Luminoth masters & turn on them, giving them hell before finally leaving for his new masters.

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