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Nintendo Says They Are Open To More Third Party Amiibo


In a recent interview with popular YouTube channel GameXplain Nintendo’s marketing and strategic planning Damon Baker said that the company is open to more third-party amiibo. We heard today that Shovel Knight would be the first non-Nintendo character to receive his very own amiibo and it seems as though we can expect more characters in the future. Shovel Knight amiibo is currently available to pre-order from UK retailer GAME.

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37 thoughts on “Nintendo Says They Are Open To More Third Party Amiibo”

          1. And to many people can’t get their hands on, I wish they could focus more on restocking there harder to find ones before making new ones

        1. Nintendo Five Star General Pooman

          First non Nintendo character with an amiibo?

          Wtf are mega man, Pac man, and sonic?

          Unless you meant first indie amiibo.

          1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Granted Nintendo had the rights to use those characters in smash, but they’re still not owned by Nintendo.

            And if Nintendo is wanting to make more 3rd party amiibo then I want to see tails, knuckles, shadow, etc. And not the Boom designs, please.

                  1. It’s based on the ending, not the first chorus. And this peasant doesn’t chase after sex since he gets it every week. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                  2. Amiibo Amiibo???? Amiibo...

                    I think they meant the first Amiibo for a third party game. PacMan, Sonic and Mega Man’s amiibos are for a Nintendo game.

                1. Well stock issues could go either way if they’re making and distributing the amiibo (the third party) I hope other 3rd party follow suit. And this isn’t the first 3rd party amiibo distributed by a 3rd party, Technically the Bowser and DK are for skylanders

                  1. Gear Games Interactive

                    Neither is Mega-man or Sonic yet they also got figures as well, but they aren’t indy games. Shovel Knight is the first INDY game character, plus, Pacman, Megaman, Sonic and Ryu are all in Smash, there amiibos don’t do much outside of Nintendo games.

                    Shovel Knight on the other hand will work with Nintendo AND Yacht Club games

                  1. Gear Games Interactive

                    Their Amiibos are only used in Smash Brothers…. Shovel Knight works with both Nintendo and Yacht Club games… plus, it’s an indy game character. Sonic, Mega Man, Pac Man and Ryu are triple-A game characters

                  2. Shantae, Rayman, Bayonetta, Aurora (Child Of Light), and Chase McCain would all make great 3rd party amiibo additions

                    1. Gear Games Interactive

                      Well a partnership with Lego to create a Chase McCain figure for Lego Dimensions that can is also an Amiibo would be awesome.

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