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User Created Super Mario Maker Level Trolls Players With Mischievous Twist

Everyone loves a good joke, right? Well, perhaps not when you consider this particularly troll-laden level in Super Mario Maker. Great for a laugh – but not much else – is Wii U user Kocobe’s creation, which promises to show you all the hidden and unlockable costumes in the game. Unfortunately, not is all as it seems when you enter the level and are treated to an interesting ride across travel belts, only to be mercilessly conned at the end with a mystery mushroom you’ll never reach.

As Kotaku notes, the level was found in the “featured” section of the game’s user-created courses. It may have slipped through Nintendo’s net and made the featured page as some cruel joke, but it does highlight a potential in-game moderation problem. Let us know what you think of the level in the comment section below. Super Mario Maker launches in Japan on September 10 and releases in North America and the UK the following day.

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34 thoughts on “User Created Super Mario Maker Level Trolls Players With Mischievous Twist”

  1. It shows just how fun putting your favorite songs in the game will be. I am going to be spending a very long time playing and creating with this game. Cannot wait to get it.

  2. Oh course nintendo fans of all people will resort to ten year old jokes in a attempt to be “cool” when in reality, they expose how sheepish and deluded they truly are LOL!!!

  3. I thought it was pretty funny and clever! I don’t think it’s a problem at all, in fact I don’t think Nintendo moderators would think it’s a problem either. I wonder how long it took him to get all the notes just right. And the ? Mushroom at the end was pretty awesome.

  4. While I admit that I hate these kind of levels, especially when most of the levels are going to be like that, and not funny at all, I have to say; the Rick Rolling made this one really funny!

  5. Funny and imaginative, in no time at all Mario Maker got Rick Rolled… XD

    It’s good for now, but I do expect a lot more trolls doing this and Nintendo tightening in-game moderation resulting to annoyed level designers.

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