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Rumor: More Sega 3D Classics Are In Development For Nintendo 3DS

It looks like Sega could be hard at work on making more entries in its 3D Classics series of remakes for Nintendo 3DS. This rumor stems from a 3DS user who has supposedly uncovered hidden data in 3D Gunstar Heroes, which apparently mentions a number of games that have at least been considered to be given the 3D Classics treatment. If this is true, the Sega 3D Classics line could be expanded with the following titles:

  • Puyo Puyo Tsu
  • Golden Axe
  • Comix Zone
  • Landstalker
  • Sonic Spinball
  • M.U.S.H.A.
  • ToeJam & Earl
  • Shining Force
  • Poseidon Wars 3D
  • Missile Defense 3D
  • Columns
  • Maze Hunter
  • Zaxxon 3D
  • Blade Eagle 3D
  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Line of Fire

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48 thoughts on “Rumor: More Sega 3D Classics Are In Development For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Well sure there one of the many many bitter entitled metroid fans who jump ship cause nintendo never promised them a game they never promised in the first place. However there are people who plague this site that are far worst then them.

      1. Lol calling metered fans “entitled” now are we? You’re right, nintendo never promised or owed us metroid fans anything…but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been treated like shit for a very long time. And don’t give me that bullshit excuse “b-but fzero fans have had to wait longer”. This isn’t a competition, some fans waiting longer than others doesn’t invalidate other fans’ complaints.

        It’s a shame that the nintendo fan base is STILL plagued by utter drones like you. Maybe if everyone stopped sucking their dick all the time, then maybe we’d actually get things like third party support, voice chat, no region locking, more metroid and fzero games, etc…

        1. Sorta figure i’d get a metroid fan upset, then again i never care for the fanbase for always having issue with them.

          That being said
          *Sits down and eats popcorn*

          I love your assumption of me being a nintendo sheep. Tell me more

          1. 1. Of course you’re going to piss off a certain crowd by insulting them. Btw if you don’t care about the fans then why bother commenting?

            2. You basically you’ve just admitted you’re trolling as you’d rather wait to see what reactions you can get out of me than actually counter my arguments.

            3. Because anyone who is actually a nintendo fan (although you just seem to be trolling at this point) wouldn’t defend nintendo shitting on a much-beloved franchise like with federation force. Only drones would attack those that are fed up with nintendo basically ignoring them for years.

            Also, I love how you failed to even counter ONE of my points XD

            1. If metroid fans can’t respect someone else opinion on a game why should i respect them? Its great if you guys dislike a game fine, but for me to get insulted for finding a game decent is abit

              Even if i didn’t state my point, you’d still call me a nintendo sheep so wouldn’t really matter…so why not just enjoy what you got to say.

              This really has nothing to do with nintendo shitting on there fans. Thats between nintendo and the fans…i speak on a different matter.

              1. Nobody cares if you like the game. People start to get annoyed though if you DEFEND nintendo for doing this. Besides, this whole conversation started with you insulting the metroid fans, calling them “entitled” and such, as a result you received insults. Ever heard of the golden rule?

                Keep on amazing me with your baseless assumptions. I have no problem with people enjoying the game and such, as long as the acknowledge and understand why longtime fans are extremely frustrated and angry with nintendo…or at the very least, don’t go around calling them “whiny babies” just because you happen to like it. Metroid fans have been waiting a very long time to see another instalment (as a fan of the 2d series, the last one ‘metroid:zero mission’ was released in 2005) and to receive a spinoff after all this time seems like they don’t care about us at all.

                Yes it does-nintendo shitting on their fans is exactly the reason so many people are pissed at nintendo over this! The matter we were talking about was you trying to berate the metroid fanbase calling them “entitled”…so I tried to educate you why that’s a false claim.

                1. As i told you this has nothing to do with nintendo….this is about metroid fans. Its not my fault you guys got suckered into getting a wii u. thats something you gotta deal with. I speak from personal experience. I have no reason to defend nintendo which is what your assuming

                  I understand you guys are salty about FF as you should be…but i still say what i say out of PERSONAL experience. Perhaps i just meet really really shitty fans of metroid….cause most of them just sound entitled or just feel like there so superior.

                  I say after metroid FF just put the IP on hiatus for awhile so people can simmer down.

                  1. 1. No it’s not your fault that I bought a wii u expecting them to actually give me games I care about…but defending nintendo by attackers the “haters” or “whiny children” is only lessening the pressure put on nintendo by gamers to actually cater to their needs…making nintendo less likely to do so. Many fans are “dealing with it” by showing nintendo what how they truly feel they’re being treated right now…letting them know we’re getting sick and tired of them ignoring us.

                    2. Again, taking a condescending tone calling fans “salty”…why do you even try to pretend that metroid fans come out of the blue and start attacking you….when it’s you who started all the fights by insulting them? Just because you’ve met a few metered fans who didn’t act exactly how you wanted them to doesn’t mean most metroid fans are like that. Stereotyping. Can you please give me examples of these fans acting entitled please?

                    3. All that will do is make fans even more angry at nintendo, then the whole thing will calm down and will be forgotten about…but whenever it’s brought up again, the anger will return as well as fans remember how they were shat on. Besides, killing the franchise because people want a proper new instalment? How selfish!

                    1. 1) Well hopefully you guys can change them i suppose, i still like nintendo but haven’t really supported them since the wii…so if you guys can cause some changes…well props to you. like i said thats between you guys and nintendo.

                      2.) Relax Relax im not making metroid fans sound like they consistently attack me. Personally it rather difficult trying to explain your opinion on a metroid game you like or dislike without being insulted and being called a fake metroid fan for liking something everything everyone else hates….this goes way way past federation force.

                      Tell me if i told you i enjoyed fusion or for some reason despite the shitty bastardization of a story other m had i found the gameplay fun…would you insult me on my opinion? would you claim that i’m a inferior metroid fan and claim im to young to understand the greatness of the series(Despite growing up with it) and i shouldn’t plague the fanbase for playing such bad games? This is where i get the feeling of superior or entitlement from.. you want the best and anyone who enjoys a metroid game you don’t like are not real fans.
                      (not saying your entitled fan, i said you mostly in general)

                      If you wouldn’t judge me on my opinion…then your someone reasonable, most of the time i just meet and debate with the wrong ones.

                      clearly i speak from hate, so sorry if i say all metroid fans are the same when thats not true what so ever. Still i can’t say im perfectly fond of them.

                      3) some advice for you, don’t set you expectations high for nintendo…..setting the bar high for any of these companys is just room for disaster(Sorry why i stop getting upset about FF after a day and moved on from it) In anycase i say just let it going a hiatus and come back with a bang with it next time(Knowing nintendo there probably gonna do that…they did it with other m)

                    2. 1. Sadly, the reality is is that most fans like me, despite how much we voice our opinions on nintendo, the never seem to listen.

                      2.Funny you say that because fusion is my favourite metroid game of all time. The SA-X was ingenious! I don’t really mind if you like a metroid game i hate (other m being another one I don’t like) but I just thought you were trying to demonise all those who were angry at nintendo. Sorry if things got a little out of hand but, mostly everywhere on the internet, metroid fans are being made fun of….

                      3. It’s not really about setting the bar high as it is about reliving my childhood by playing a modern version of the things I grew up with. I think of nintendo backing out and putting the franchise on hold till everyone calms down a bit is the wrong move though. I truly feel they should make the games we’ve been requesting them to do for years. They don’t have to of course….just as we don’t have to give nintendo our money.

                      Are we cool bro or is there still a problem between us?

            1. Despite the minor insults i didn’t have any issues with you in the first place. At the end of the day we resolved it like civil people

              1) I can’t say that nintendo doesn’t listen to fan demand..cause that would be a lie…cause they do listen to some degree. However i will say ninty listen when they feel like listening, thus why you guys still don’t have a proper metroid now. As of now though, nintendo has much more important issue they need to resolve rather then revive IP’s; cause theres alot of shit they’ve to get together.

              2) I’ve met plenty of fans who dislike fusion for god knows whatever reason and it baffles me. Other m i can understand why people hate that shit, but the gameplay was fun had me interested to complete the game to say the least. I just got pissed off for being called a inferior or fake fan…like who the fuck are you to say that?

              Yeah i think it is pretty unfortunate that you guys are being made fun of. However that wouldn’t be the case if the fans had abit more restraint. You gotta admit dude that petition was abit overblown. I won’t deny that you guys had every right to tell off nintendo, thats understandable; in the guys kinda brought it on yourselves cause of how crazy it got (Even though three months has pass , people still go on about it) people don’t take you seriously. Personally now that i think on it, its not even the entire metroid fanbase; i think its just the prime fanboys giving the bad rep. Truthfully i don’t think metroid fans should even feel like its the most neglected IP, i consider it a blessing thats been even given a thought cause it could have followed the F-zero way. If any fanbase should be insulted..its definitely the AC fans cause idk what that festival shit was.

              3)Its kinda hard for me to say what nintendo should do as far as the serious goes. There pretty much in a hotspot. I understand your disappointment to say the least. I mean shit…i was pissed off at seeing FF. After the like a couple days though i kinda moved on from it and let it go. I feel like being bitter about it is just not good for ya.

              1. 1. Nintendo is listening…poorly. They hardly ever give fans what they want if it’s not mario or zelda. If nintendo listened to other complaints like “stop making consoles focused on some gimmick” they’d probably be doing a whole lot better than they are now.

                2. Fuck those that wanted the game to get canceled. Personally I want it released so that sales show that all the gamers who are angrily shouting at nintendo aren’t just some loud vocal minority and actually represented most people who’d even know about the series.
                I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say if this game doesn’t pick up a new audience out of the blue then it’s doomed to bomb…and I want to see nintendo get bitchslapped for ignoring their fans again….even at the cost of one of their best franchises being killed off.

                1. 3. In addition, I plan to keep “reminding” nintendo that I (and most gamers in general) desperately want another proper metroid game. Hey, it’s better than doing nothing and just eating it up.

                2. 1) its unfortunate when you love a company so much you do anything to see them do amaze you again just to do the opposite. I’m sure the wii u is a cool console and judging by the game i saw they look awesome. I still just can’t see a reason for me to get it. I would love to see them add voice chat, and have unified accounts so i don’t have to rebuy fucking games if my system fails on me(This is just asinine to why they don’t have it in 2015) Get rid of that friend code shit…can’t see why people like that in the first place. Cater to the hardcore fanbase of yours first before trying to appeal to the casuals. no gimmicks, have amazing marketing(Why you think the PS4 sells so much? sony is marketing gods)

                  2) If anything i feel bad for Next Level Games, theres alot of pressure on them now. Its not like there bad devs either(Far from it)

                  1. I feel sorry for next level games probably being forced to work on this POS when really some higher up at nintendo probably is responsible!

  1. Playing Sonic Spinball again would be fun, I can’t remember the last time I played it! Toejam & Earl could be fun too, but I have it on PS3 so I don’t know that I care to buy it again just for some 3D visuals.

  2. to be honest Sony is overused like mario, if sega can get a 3d/HD remix of wonderboy monsterland and dragon trap game that’s will be awsome. I would not say no to alex Kidd as well cause I think both of those IP can generate much money than sonic if done well.

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