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NPD: Nintendo Sold 7 Million Amiibos In United States Since November

Nintendo is currently raking it in with amiibo as the company has today revealed that they have sold 7 million amiibo in the United States since November 2014. The NPD Group has also reported that Nintendo has had a 30 percent increase in sales for their Nintendo 3DS hardware line for the eight months of the year. Splatoon fans will be pleased to learn that Nintendo has sold 600,000 copies of the game in the United States alone.


31 thoughts on “NPD: Nintendo Sold 7 Million Amiibos In United States Since November”

        1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

          ||What you see is a specimen that corresponds perfectly into our formula of despair, this will be the same fate all of you will experience in due time……

    1. That was my reaction, too. Of course I made a deal with the devil and imported from a scalper because I didn’t have any patience for Nintendo’s bullshit anymore. I was determined to get Lucina and was a little distraught when she sold out in 45 seconds. So maybe there’s a lot of that going on.

    1. Are you dumb? It doesn’t say anything about how many has been sold in the whole world. You’re thinking about the Wii U console sales.

      1. No, I read just the other day that AMIIBO’S sold over 10 million worldwide. If I searched every post here on MyNintendoNews, I could probably find that article.

  1. I’m sure that number is jumping up today. The Toys R Us I went to was swamped. Most people either grabbed every new figure available or only passed on one.

    1. I got Bowser Jr., Ganondorf, and Olimar at TRU. Had to get Dr. at Target of course and my friend who works at Best Buy saved a ZSS for the both of us. Was a good day to be an amiibo hunter.

      1. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

        It was a good day for me, too. I was able to order Ganondorf & Zero Suit Samus amiibo early that morning from gohastings using Amazon before Amazon even put their own stock up on the site.

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