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Starwhal Arrives On Wii U Later This Month In North America

We finally know when Starwhal will be available on Wii U. The action game from developer Breakfall will arrive in the Nintendo eShop on September 24 in North America. The upcoming Wii U version supports the Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro and Wii Remote controllers. It also features an exclusive five-player mode called BLASTOPUS, which pits a bomb-laying GamePad player against TV opponents.


12 thoughts on “Starwhal Arrives On Wii U Later This Month In North America”

  1. I’m a little bored, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to comment on this article. But I honestly don’t care about Indie games. Oh well. Just had some pumpkin beer. Love that stuff. Football is back. That’s good. Alright. My girlfriend is back. Later ya’ll!

      1. Its the best green Skunky flower tasting Lager Beer you’ll ever have the pleasure of letting touch your lips.

        Moosehead. Proudly Independent.

      2. Well this site hasn’t given me much to write about lately. Well, Nintendo hasn’t given them much to write about, so I guess that is on them. Mario Maker articles are like 90% of what is posted. I don’t need that much info about a game where you build things haha.

    1. So your girlfriend came back home exactly as you were typing your comment after saying you were bored. So you must have started typing your comment as she pulled up in the driveway without knowing she pulled up in the driveway, thinking you were alone. But really she was already home, you just didn’t know it yet. Because it happened in real time so as you finished typing your comment she opened the front door, (or side door or whatever door she entered your house from) and you then said “my girlfriend is back” as she walked in, in real time, as it happened.

      That’s pretty amazing… Glad she’s home. Shovel knight is awsome.

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