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Famitsu Mascot Will Be Joining Super Mario Maker As An 8-Bit Costume

To join the multiple costumes available in Super Mario Maker, Famitsu has announced that their mascot, Nekki the Fox, will also be offered as an 8-bit costume. He will be free to download for all Mario Maker users in Japan. However, it’s still unclear whether he will be offered in any other countries at a later date. Alongside this news, it’ll also be interesting to see what other characters may be added to the game in the coming months.


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33 thoughts on “Famitsu Mascot Will Be Joining Super Mario Maker As An 8-Bit Costume”

  1. What does the fox say? MARIO MARIO MAKE-ER! MARIO MARIO MAKE-ER! FOX FOX FOX HAWOOOOOOO!!! But really why a fox, Nintendo didnt even create the character, and it wasnt made in 8 bit era.

    1. It is probably just a colaboration between Famitsu and Nintendo. It isn’t as if 4 8-bit sprites (little Mario is composed out of 4 sprites) are hard to be done. And they have Fox McCloud, so the fox says “Aaaahhhhh!”, “Entering Corneria’s orbit!”, “Aircraft, report!” and many other lines.

    1. A mascot that only appeals to the Japanese audience. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only exclusive to that region though.

    1. It would be too much work for a little thing like this. But I would love if the 30th Anniversary amiibo mushroom becomes a Mega Mushroom in the other themes.

    1. People don’t care enough to read an article. They are just expressing wonder at who this character is. It’s not exactly groundbreaking news that we care to read a whole article about.

    1. Shovel kngiht seems to be going in, he’s getting an amiibo, he already have a sprite-idea, And with this famitsu-fox, Free costume DLC seems likely, for me he’s confirmed with his amiibo.

      Now, just go vote shantae in smash. ;)

    1. even the official playstation/Nintendo magizines will score games low, Famitsu doesn’t go, this game is well built, no bugs, 4/10 because I didn’t like this one thing, like some reviewers

      1. No bugs doesn’t justify a near perfect score. Many indie games are “perfect” in that regard. It’s just another sidescroller mario game. It’s not like it’s something incredibly new and original.

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