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GameStop Expects The Toys To Life Category To Do Extremely Well This Christmas

Eric Bright, director of merchandising at GameStop, has spoken to Venture Beat about the upcoming releases this Christmas and what he thinks will be a huge success with consumers. Bright mentioned that the rapidly expanding Toys to Life range continues to see growth and that every time a new ones comes out the overall category experiences growth. Here’s what he had to say.

“He said that Skylanders Superchargers (out yesterday), Disney Infinity 2.0, Nintendo Amiibo, and Lego Dimensions will slug it out in that category, which combines physical toys and games.”

“Interestingly enough, we noticed as every time that a new one comes out, the overall category grows,” Bright said. “It’s bringing in additional people into the category. That’s exciting for us and for our customers.”


17 thoughts on “GameStop Expects The Toys To Life Category To Do Extremely Well This Christmas”

      1. Thanks, but still confused. :o

        What is the meaning of the suffix “to life”? What is “whatever to life”? Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic.

  1. If they’re referring to only amiibos, that’s pretty obvious. They’re already doing exceedingly well. As far as these Animal Crossing amiibos goes, I’ve been wishing for YEARS that Nintendo would release some Animal Crossing toys of some sort. All I saw prior to these are those plushies and other little playsets sold in the UK and Japan. For North America, these amiibos are a great start. They looks SO cool!

  2. K.K. Slider is my favorite character in Animal Crossing. He literally ROCKS!
    I wish he’d be in more storylines in the games. Like, a regular villager that you can talk with and do stuff with, as well as him singing as usual.

  3. Honestly, if he thought they would not have done well, then he wouldn’t even be talking about them, much less have them in different GameStops.

  4. Well, they’ll do REALLY good if they make sure rare characters like Marth and Little Mac are regularly produced and make sure there are enough.

    Amiibo are definitely on my holiday wishlist, but I don’t want people spending 30 bucks or more on a single figure or have to import them a month beforehand to make sure it gets here in time

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