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Amazon US: Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Packs Come With 6 Cards Cost $5.99 In NA has confirmed today that the Animal Crossing amiibo card packs contain six cards and will cost $5.99. The packs are available for pre-order now and will be released on the same day as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches in the United States which is this Friday. If you are still on the fence about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer you can read our review, here.

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18 thoughts on “Amazon US: Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Packs Come With 6 Cards Cost $5.99 In NA”

  1. Wasn’t this confirmed a while back with the best buy, gamestop, walmart and target placeholders, as well as store flyers and emails? There have been loads of placeholders and NA listings being thrown up on the amiibo reddit :/

  2. This site is destroyed. There is a ” NO NOTIFICATION” pop up that covers 90% of my screen. There is no way to minimize it, no way to exit out of it. Its been fun guys. See ya on other sites.

      1. Ok, the pop up is only on my phone. Too bad, because I access this site most of the time through my phone… Yea, works fine on my iPad… Guess I’ll hang around after all, but sucks can’t use phone for this site anymore.. WordPress is not mobile friendly..

  3. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    Another evil ploy… I am proud to serve such ruthless tactics. Though I’ll likely only try once. Whatever the outcome, I shall accept. And perhaps sell the rest on eBay.

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