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Here’s Nintendo’s EGX Schedule

Nintendo has posted their schedule for this weekend’s EGX gaming event in Birmingham, UK. They will be starting off each day with a Splatoon Exhibition Match, and ending the day with a Tri Force Heroes Cosplay Catwalk. In between times there’s a variety of different things lined up including an Xenoblade Chronicles X Stage Demo and the Nintendo Splatoon Tournament.

Here’s the full line up schedule for each day:





16 thoughts on “Here’s Nintendo’s EGX Schedule”

    1. It’s because they get different people each day, if you only have a certain game only on monday and the I people only coming Tuesdays, you probably can put it together

  1. Mighty no 9 demo will be delayed a few minutes and everybody will lose thier shit and kotaku will write another post about the evil spawn of kickstarter.

  2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Oh look. Roughly the same games we’ve seen the past 3 years are going to be shown at the event. Yay! *rolls eyes*

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  4. Cosplay should be banned! Anime and cosplay affects people’s minds. Turns them freaky.

    And DAMN! I’m getting sick of this site’s changes already. Every time I try writing a comment, the screen suddenly bounces back to the top. And I have to scroll back down to continue my comment. WHAT THE HELL? I had to write this comment on OpenOfficeWriter and copy & paste just to get the thing posted.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      I can say the same about movies, video games, religion. Let’s ban all of that, too, when we ban cosplay. Don’t pretend cosplay is the only thing that can turn people bad.

      1. That’s true. But in the way I’m referring to, only anime/cosplay does that. Everybody I know that loves anime acts real strange (or dresses strange). The ones who are willing to cosplay (and go to cosplay events, or even organize their OWN cosplay events) are usually the ones that are strange. Or as I call them, the “social misfits”. Even though I always considered my own self a s a social misfit. At least I don’t act like a childish geek who loves to dress up like Spiderman etc. and pretend I’m saving the world or whatever. Although, I do have personal reasons for feeling this way.

        1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

          *thinks about Howard Wolowitz of The Big Bang Theory* Oh I see. Made out with whom you thought was a chick but was actually a dude because of the cosplay, right? Or maybe you had a bad experience during Halloween? Hm. This sounds like Hitler just before he decided to wipe out all the Jews because of a few bad apples…

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