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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Launches Today In North America

Nook’s Homes is looking for you! The renowned real estate business is seeking a new designer to help decorate the interior and exterior of villagers’ homes and public facilities in town. Candidates must own a Nintendo 3DS system and the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game and be willing to interact with animals with big personalities who like to wear stylish clothes. The highly coveted position requires a love of designing (obviously!), strong animal skills (no brainer!), a knack for decorating (of course!) and a passion for amiibo cards(they’re cool!). Interested parties can contact Tom Nook through snail mail, carrier pigeon, megaphone pointed in the direction of Nook’s Homes … or by picking up Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, now available for Nintendo 3DS.

  • Great working environment: Working for Nook’s Homes places you in the esteemed company of other star employees, including Tom Nook, CEO and wearer of fabulous sweaters, Lyle, Tom Nook’s right-hand animal and real-estate veteran, Digby, brother of Isabelle and all around great pup, and Lottie, the newest member of the Animal Crossing family. Optimistic and outspoken, Lottie will walk you through the ins-and-outs of design. She’s a pro, so listen up if she offers you some friendly advice. (She even excels at posting on Twitter! Lottie truly is a renaissance otter.)
  • Fun day-to-day duties: When you step into the role of designer, there’s no need to worry about daily office tasks like scheduling meetings or checking up on those all-important memos that OMG-have-to-get-out-before-the-deadline. Your tasks in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are all about having fun and using your imagination. In fact, the motto at Nook’s Homes is “Have Fun!” Well, it’s not the actual motto, but it very well should be! What other job asks you to design the homes and town facilities for hundreds of beloved Animal Crossing villagers? That’s right: None of them! And designing is made simple and streamlined using the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS system.
  • Creativity encouraged: After taking on new design requests, your catalog of usable items and decorations will grow. And this will totally help with expanding your creative options. When animals come to you with their vision, they may think they know what they want, but by using the tools provided, you can design homes that are more creative and imaginative than the villagers ever dreamed! If someone requests a new home that is “cool,” you can flex your creative muscles and give him or her a house full of snowman furniture, snowflake wallpaper and a relaxing “cold” tub. Why not? You’re the expert.
  • One-of-a-kind benefits: Let’s talk perks! Boy, there are some unique perks at Nook’s Homes. First and foremost: amiibo cards. What are those, you ask? They are the next evolution of amiibo and work with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Packs contain six random amiibo cards and can be purchased at a suggested retail price of $5.99 each. There will be hundreds of cards in the wild (perfect for trading with friends!), and each card represents a different Animal Crossing character. After tapping them in the game using the New Nintendo 3DS system or the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory for players who own Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS systems, the character joins your game and gives you a unique design request or can be assigned to work at one of the facilities around town! There are even some high-profile clients like DJ K.K. and Isabelle that will only visit if you use their respective amiibo cards.
  • Giving back to the village: Designing homes is not the only focus of Nook’s Homes. If you impress them with your design savvy, they’ll even ask you to help redesign the school, hospital or Department Store to help build up the town.
  • Positive reinforcement: Folks who love sharing their awesome work (who doesn’t?!) have many options in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. If you’re working on a particularly creative request, you can share images of your inspired designs on Miiverse or your favorite social media channels using the “Image Share” feature. And since peer reviews are a staple of any well-run business, Nook’s Homes offers the ability to rank fellow designers’ creations in the “Happy Home Network,” which will be available through a software update at launch. Creations can be ranked in one of four categories: cute, cool, unique or “I want to live here.” You can even turn your designs into a QR Code pattern to share in the Happy Home Network that other designers can view.

You can read our review of the game, right here.

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21 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Launches Today In North America”

  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    I want to give this game a chance, I really do, but I’m being burnt out by Nintendo catering to the casuals. So no. I will not support this game because like amiibo Festival, it just feels too much like a casual game.

    1. This is the very essence of a casual game. So I think there’s a good chance it will do well. Animal Crossing itself is pretty much a casual game, however, depending on the player can actually have some non-casual gameplay. It’s like it has a sliding scale, depending on who’s playing it.

      This game, it seems is 100% Casual. I just don’t think it will be engaging enough for me, so I’m also passing. (PS, I really liked New Leaf!)

        1. And we just had new Leaf it feels like.
          And as you said, this spin off actually adheres to the style and feel of the game’s original feel…. Unlike OTHER spinnoffs not to be named. *kicks dead horse*

            1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

              Sad but true. Shame because the Wii U had so much potential. Too bad the name, lack of 1st party titles it’s first year, lack of 3rd party games, more casual crap, & big name game droughts ruined it’s potential.

          1. I wish I had interest in this game, but I don’t. In fact, I’ve abandoned the 3DS altogether. I’m not sure why? But I haven’t cared much about it since I first bought one. I only have 11 3DS games, and I think that Animal Crossing:New Leaf is the only one I’ve thoroughly played until I got burned out. I didn’t even play much of Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon, because I got an attitude on me because I felt it should have been on Wii U instead. I hate looking at tiny screens. And my 16 year old niece stares into her 3DS SO much (never even speaking) that she added to my disgust towards the 3DS. Ok……I’ll stop there.

            1. Then what do you game on? You sound like me and my WiiU.
              I’m on my 3DS every day. So many games, not enough hourz!

              1. @ Jaded Drybones,
                I play mostly my PS3 and Wii U right now.
                I got a PS3 back in February, and I bought a bunch of games for it (got 45 now). So I’ve been playing a lot of PS3, and occasionally going back and playing my Wii U. Still haven’t played Super Mario Maker yet, but I have it.

                    1. I have 7 Nintendo consoles, a Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, the original DS (I fitted with a black case) The 3DS, a N3DS. I have my N64 and Game Cube on the shelf, as I still enjoy playing those.

                        1. What about buying it used? I know GameStop lets you return the game within 7 days (maybe it’s 14?) if you don’t like it. New, of course, is subject to copyright laws, but used games don’t hold that copyright.

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