There’s A Working Version Of Pokemon Red Built In Minecraft

One extremely talented individual has been working on a playable version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft. Yes, it is pretty incredible and you can view a lovely gif of the game working within Minecraft at the top of this post. The individual behind this impressive feat is Magib1 who has detailed its making on Reddit.

“It is a rather ambitious project. I hope to get most of the core mechanics sorted out over the next 3 or 4 months.”

“All of the background textures are custom maps. In the spawn chunks there is a (very large) physical representation of the entire Pokemon Red overworld, with each block corresponding to a separate map texture. An armor stand moves along this physical map and, whenever the tries to move (by using inventory slots rebound to arrow keys) the blocks for the newly loaded maps are cloned behind the map display. The item frames loading the new tiles then “read” the block type and display the appropriate map, and the remaining frames get shifted up/down/left/right by a block.”

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      1. There was no money in the Unreal engine recreation of the first SM64 level either, not that I think Nintendo would take this down, but money means nothing when it comes to sueing someone


  1. The guy who made this must be extremely intelligent, or at least impressively knowledgeable about the workings of computers and coding and whatnot.

    I don’t even understand a single thing that detailed his explanation of how he did it…


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