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Video: The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Gameplay With Eiji Aonuma

The Legend of Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma, has featured in a video showing more gameplay of the upcoming title The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The video is in Japanese, however you can still watch the gameplay as Aonuma plays through. The clip shows area and outfit selection along with online features. You can also see the icons used to communicate with other players, and how puzzles will require all three of the players to co-operate to get to the next part of the level. You can check out the video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will be available in Japan on October 22nd, North America and Europe on October 23rd, and Australia on October 24th.

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14 thoughts on “Video: The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Gameplay With Eiji Aonuma”

  1. Nuts… When I looked at Aonuma, I thought about the Zelda U, or whatever it will be named… X(

    This is the second time it happened. The other one was I saw a picture of Samus here at MNN, and assumed that we were going to hear about a proper, actual Metroid game…

  2. I’m still pissed about the region lock BS again. Owning an European system, and moved in Canada recently, I won’t be able to play with my friends.

    1. To me it feels like they are hiding some stuff regarding Zelda wii u, too much is being said about triforce 3ds while we don’t know anything about the wii u version.

      I hope they don’t announce anything about a nx version. Nx should get it’s own.

      1. if the NX is done right, and has a long shelf life like Wii, it might get more than one anyway, so if we get a combo Wii U farewell/NX launch title, so be it.

        Just get the damn thing in my hands already

    2. Honestly, as someone who has purchased every Zelda title ever, and even been pleasantly surprised by a few (remember my hatred of the initial wind waker art-style and now it’s my favorite game in the series), this does not excite me AT ALL. Firstly, I am trying to rescue a princess OUTFITS?! Let me just say that again. You have to rescue a princesses outfits. Zelda is by no means a masculine game as there are many female fans, but it certainly isn’t a game that deserves a story that could be told by purchasing a my little pony 3ds title.

      That backstory alone makes me cringe. I know Zeldas have been traditionally about gameplay, but the backstory HAS to matter for me to get invested. Even if the backstory is as nothing as Link Between Worlds or Spirit Tracks. But no, I need to get the princess out of her onesie. She’s not in trouble, kidnapped, harmed, just a tad upset that she has to re-purchase a wardrobe.

      We’ve been told on NUMEROUS occasions they are not going to pull a twilight princess as a dual wiiU/nx title. It will be the wiiU’s swansong. I’m fine with that, just stop pushing back everything. And while we’re on the topic of Zelda…

      Hyrule Warriors Legends! YOU A******S! I spent money on the wiiU game, bought all the dlc, spent ******* hours unlocking everything, and now if I want to play with extra charachters I need to do it all again!? I get the 3ds has a bigger install base and they need the money. Fine. But make ALL the additions available to wiiU owners through DLC.

      Nintendo has the most loyal fans in the world. We purchase consoles for a handful of games. Why do this to them? I literally, in the LIFESPAN of the wiiU i bought at launch, have and will only have:

      MarioKart 8
      SuperMario 3d World
      Hyrule Warriors
      Mario Maker
      Bayonetta 2
      Xenoblade Chronicles X
      Starfox Zero
      Zelda WiiU

      Not even 2 games a YEAR, and you reward me with having to repurchase titles like a buttcrack.

      That’s it! Maybe Fire Emblem/Shin Megami if that is indeed a wiiU title which I am forgetting at the moment. All that’s left for the 3ds is this triforce heroes if you want it, hyrule warriors if you want it, and the new fire emblem.

      Since I have been around since literally day one in regards to consoles and I am a 35 year old gamer who only plays nintendo, I expect more than this.

      Triforce Zeros.

      I’ve said my long a** peace.

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        My thoughts exactly! This game is shit & I hope it’s true that this game will be non-canon to the timeline! Fucking have to save a god damn wardrobe… BUY NEW CLOTHES LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, BITCH!!!

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