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Here’s A New Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded what it claims to be an “extremely spoopy” trailer for the upcoming Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water for the Wii U. The horror title, which is only available for purchase digitally in the US, will be released on October 22nd in North America and October 30th in the UK.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

9 thoughts on “Here’s A New Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Trailer”

    1. So, I saw Nintendo Treehouse playing this…
      I’m a little concerned, the frame rate skipped a lot…and I’m not even one of those frame-rate whores.
      Ugh… IDK. I feel lime I have to buy it. I have to tell Nintendo there are mature gamers still left, but then again, I know they don’t care anyway. Mmm.. I think I’ll still pick it up. It could be my last Nintendo console afterall.

      1. Fuck dude…IDK about that. I’m glad we get a Fatal Frame as much as the next guy, but WiiU has some actually beautiful games. A dark game like this, it’s hard to make out color, light, reflection….

        It may be a great game, but for beauty, the launch game, NFSMW was gorgeous. As was mass effect… I’m glad you like the way it looks though, but I personally wouldn’t grant it the best looking game.

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