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Soul Axiom Won’t Arrive On Wii U Until Next Year

Soul Axiom won’t be released on Wii U this year as initially planned. This is because Wales Interactive has decided to use an upgraded engine to develop the game, which has been updated from Unity 4 to Unity 5 to help deliver a better experience to players. Soul Axiom is now scheduled to launch during the first quarter of 2016 via the Nintendo eShop. The game consists of a first-person sci-fi adventure that invites players to discover the darkest recesses of their souls.


7 thoughts on “Soul Axiom Won’t Arrive On Wii U Until Next Year”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      If they get the frame rate up at least to 30fps or higher, I would defitely be interested in buying this game.

    2. looks pretty cool, not that I wouldn’t totally get this for wii U, but with all this NX buzz I wouldn’t mind seeing it on the NX….if I were Nintendo I would seriously think about creating their own engine for developers to use exclusively. something especially for indie developers to use to make great games.

      1. NO!! If they made there own engine, and forced people to use it, then no one would want to learn the new engine and that would mean less third party support!!

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