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The 6th European Splatfest Results Are In

The European Splatfest results have now been counted, and although Team Dog had the most votes in terms of popularity with a 54% majority, Team Cat came out on top with wins. Team Dog ended with 230 points, whilst Team Cat won with 270 points. In the North American Cat vs Dog Splatfest back in July, Dogs won with 62% of the votes – this was when the winner was weighted differently regarding popularity and wins. Which side did you pick?



15 thoughts on “The 6th European Splatfest Results Are In”

    1. The winner is flawed now at 4x points on wins. The fact is the more popular side will be doing throw away matches against their own teammates instead of building counted wins for their respective team. The lesser popular one will always have an opposite team match up and the chance to win over the spread is much greater. I went 4-5 hours playing last splatfest and only went against the opposing team twice. Guess who won? Opposite team bc they were constantly fighting for meaningful battles instead of the throwaway.

    1. “In the North American Cat vs Dog Splatfest back in July, Dogs won with 62% of the votes – this was when the winner was decided on popularity rather than wins.”
      The last part is wrong. Wins were x2 before the August update but winners were never decided by popularity. Sorry for nitpicking.

        1. But a smaller team could also mean less people who win. The members of the less popular teams just happened to be the better players in some of the past Splatfests, it seems.
          Determining the winner team by actual performance in matches rather than popularity makes much more sense in a competitive video game, in my opinion. So to me, it seems fine the way it is.

          1. Nah, I’m ranked S and played constantly with LVL 40+ people, but in a 4-5 hour span (atleast) we only fought 2 of the opposing teams. Everything else was throw away matches against my own team. Didn’t matter if we were racking up wins as they don’t count towards totals. The opposite team on the other hand had most if not all battles counting. That means on that 4-5 hours, even if they only won 60% of their battles, they are getting wayyy better margins.

            1. Hmm, I see your point, but what if it was the other way around? As in, if they had lost 60% of the matches, instead of winning them? Wouldn’t the effect of that scenario be as negative as it is positive in the case of victory?

            2. Usually- the only Splatfest that comes to mind where that didn’t happen was Autobots VS Decepticons, where Decepts were more popular AND won more matches. I was Team Autobots for that one…

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