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Dell: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $40 And Devil’s Third $30

If you’re looking to save some well-earned cash on the latest video games then you may want to head on over to Dell. The computer manufacturer and retailer currently has the action packed Devil’s Third advertised at $30 and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for $40. You certainly can’t grumble at those prices! I’ve no idea how long they’re going to be selling the products for at that price so you may want to get in there quickly.

Thanks, King K. Rool


7 thoughts on “Dell: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $40 And Devil’s Third $30”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Is this only at the stores or is the website also doing this? *checks their site for Devil’s Third*

  2. Seriously if you like straightforward shooters/action games you should get DT for that price. I just bought it for 46,5€ (~52$) and i don’t regret. It took two me nights to play through the single player campaign (i left the final boss for tonight), around 8-9 hours.

    The experience was kind of like those GC era James Bond games without the gadgets and in their place there’s blades. For bond we have ex-soviet ex-terrorist who drinks straight liquor instead of fancy martinis.

    I’m going to play it again on hardcore difficulty, look for war trophies and try the score attack mode. It didn’t get too repetitive for me. There’s enough variation. The latter half is better for sure.

    The good:

    – The controls and the game mechanics work well
    – Aiming is ok and the bullets go where supposed to
    – Close range combat. Could be more complex, still ok and it feels pretty satisfying
    – Switch between firearms/melee works well
    – Ivan rocks (in my opinion)
    – Graphics are good enough for me, at times the game is relatively pretty. Many say the game is really buggy. I guess there was a patch because i didn’t encounter many
    – Soundtrack is fitting

    The bad

    – AI is stupid, at times retarded. Still in many situations can offer a good challenge
    – Framerate. Most of the time it’s fluid but when there’s big explosions it usually stutters. Not a reason to pass the game

    The story is nothing special. It’s simple, but i liked it still. It has some great moments imo and i liked the general atmosphere. Sexy ladys is a plus in my book. Warms the heart of a worn out soldier.

    Because i’m more or less a pacifist, i haven’t been playing shooters/violent games like these in few years and never was really big fps fan even though i enjoyed them. This makes the game feel fresh for me.

    For me the intention of the developer counts. I feel that Itakagi and the team just wanted to create fun action game without being all serious about it. I liked that the protagonist was bald headed russian and the supporting squad captain african-american.

    I don’t want to play COD because they are more like war simulators with direct influence from the military industrial complex. The fact that the critics panned DT and the fans hype it just made me more interested. I wanted to see why.

    I believe that some groups wanted to influence the reviewers because the game no way does not deserve scores between 2-4. I can understand a five. Also the bad initial impression and press/general opinion must have affected the score. The game is a bit rough and dated but it still works and is fun to play but sure it’s not for everyone. If this would be for playstation, the scores would be much higher.

    After the boss i’m going to get my hands on the meaty multiplayer mode. I give the SP part 7 and imagine the MP portion to be better. From what i’ve read there’s enough people playing in the “right” hours. It’s an solid 8 from me.

  3. I’ll wait for Devil’s to be like 10 dollars. Cause that game looks like garbage. Can’t even run a stable frame rate. The fuck?

  4. Yes because UE3 isn’t suited for WiiU’s architecture and they weren’t going to change engine for a third time. Most of the time the framerate is stable, just occasional stutters when there’s big explosions from artillery and such.

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