Mario Kart 8 Appears In Taxi Cabs In Peru

A taxi firm in Lima Peru called Easy Taxi has taken the radical new step of installing Wii U consoles, an HD screen, and a copy of Mario Kart 8 in their cabs. Christophe Robilliard, who is the Co-Founder of Easy Taxi, has said that the move was brought about to help combat the stress of passengers in a city like Lima. The new taxi’s are called GameCars and there’s currently ten of them in operation in Lima. The firm hopes to bring in more if the campaign proves to be a success.

Thanks, darthpollus



  1. >>>Excellent, the empire must find new recruits and this is another nice way>>>

  2. Dude…can you imagine a UBER DRIVER picking you up with MK8, SSB, or SPLATOON in the back seat with a big screen?!!!

    I would lose my F%$king mind!! Lol

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