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Splatoon’s Next Japanese Splatfest Asks A Pretty Deep Question

Splatoon‘s next Japanese Splatfest might have the deepest theme yet. It asks participants to pick between love or money and choose which one they think could save the world. If this theme ever makes it outside Japan, which side would you pick? This Splatfest will take place next weekend, when one will be held for players in North America as well. The North American event, however, focuses on an entirely different theme – pitting fans of pirates against those of ninjas.


49 thoughts on “Splatoon’s Next Japanese Splatfest Asks A Pretty Deep Question”

      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

        Than what the hell is the correct answer? A misguided bitch such as yourself would never understand.

            1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

              ||You are doing all the work for me young peasant, now if you’ll excuse me, I have other sites to warmonger……

              1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                Awl the little bitch is running away. What site is it. I’ll make you my bitch on that site as well.

              1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                Wrong. Love is soul source of people making games in the first fucking place. If people didn’t have the passion to sit through 24hrs of day making the game of their dreams only to hear people bitch and rant about how horrible it is. Now that is love.

                    1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                      Well, not everyone loves it. People only use it because it buys food… Which is required to live. Money keeps balance. If just anyone could walk into a store and grab anything they wanted, well, you wouldn’t get to eat anything? Now would you? Earth is already populated enough as it is with people. No amount of love is going to stop you from starving.

                      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                        Wrong again. Money is.maim fucking reason why there are starving people today. Why buy something that grows naturally from the earth. It’s there for everyone’s fucking liking. But nope this were the love of money comes in and fucks everything up.

                        1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                          Like I said. Balance. If money was not required for food, what makes you think people would just be nice and take turns for their fair share? Haha nah, that’s not happening.

                          1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                            Fucking shut it grape juice. I guess I’ll go let a starving bitch it my perfectly mowed lawn for $20 bucks.

                            1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                              So you’re basically saying that the game developers within Activision has no fucking passion whatsoever for making video games. If that’s case than every single one of those bitches would have been fired. Don’t brand that money hungry name on the developer’s. It’s the fucking company CEO’s that don’t give a rats ass.

                              1. Yet the developers chose to stay, me wonders why. Oooh I know, a paycheck, and they aren’t paid with skittles so it isn’t out of love. It’s not fair to brand a dev/publisher but they don’t do this for free, they might still do their job because they love it, but a monetary reason is always behind it. Even these fanmade projects that hit the web, they all (if not most) always end up asking for donations. Don’t confuse need and want of money for love either, its not the same.

                                1. I’m pretty sure if these people didn’t have bills to pay they wouldn’t spend time pouring their souls and love into these games. It’s actually a pretty tough choice.

                                2. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                                  ||Your flawed argument is typical young prodigal, Terrans are the root of all evil in this world, everything else are just tools……

                              2. This is definitely a tough choice. Love is hard to find, but worth it once you do, and you have to work hard to earn money. You have to work towards both. I will say love. As the saying goes, Love Conquers All.

                              3. This turned out to be quite long text. Many times i end up writing much more i first intend because i just can’t stop. Most of you think i’m cracy but maybe this resonates with someone here :) I couldn’t keep it all together but i used a lot of time into it so i want to share this.

                                Many people make shitty games (like mobile) to become rich or they are hired by a greedy company to make shitty games which have no soul and which lack true innovation. They are just calculated to sell as many copies as possible.

                                Nintendo is some where between and they still have true passion and love for making games and their business practices seem quite ok to me.

                                Money is a tool. We can use it for good or evil. Unfortunately the current money system is a giant pyramid scheme since private banks are allowed to create money out of nowhere with interest and this means that we the people will always be in debt for the banks because there will always be more debt than actual money within the system.

                                This makes states and their citizens slaves for banks and for giant corporations. Banks and corporations rule us since they rule our governments. There is no democracy, they rig elections, manipulate us to vote guys and gals who play for the elite whether politicians know it or not. The political system protects itself so we can’t make true change by voting. At least not until people realize not to vote any of the puppets whom they promote.

                                My life is all about creating rEVOLution because from that i get most satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment. My aim is to make a living out of it by creating this alternative spiritual news/media site. There’s a gaping hole in this field in my country and i believe Finland has a real change of making true a revolution because there’s only 5+ million of us and information spreads fast here and already many here are pretty conscious about many things.

                                I’ve been a gamer for over 20 years and continue to be. This world is fucked up and needs more people who don’t jump when told to. People who care more. The ones in power want to make us feel powerless so they can continue playing monopoly with out planet.

                                Truth is, there is tremendous power and strength within us waiting to be harnessed. This power stems from love, from our soul which knows no fear because the soul is immortal. When we acknowledge our immortality, much of the fear goes away and if we strengthen and maintain connection to our spirit with meditation and such, we can truly become fearless warriors of light who have great power to diminish the forces of darkness off this plane and planet.

                                In practice this about living your truth and telling people about it, spreading love and light where ever you go and not caring what other people might or might not think about you. About being your authentic self and doing what you really LOVE to do. It’s about freedom and eventually it can make all of your dreams come true. It can be about writing a book or just being a really nice person.

                                I know this kind of mentality doesn’t fit well into system of ours. The matrix is real but in the end it’s not. Beyond it we are immortal godlike beings, who are not constrained by limitations of time and space. It’s still far ahead, but this dimension of duality will go away soon enough and then we go back to source, back to oneness and we’ll have heaven on earth and beyond. We get to know our galactic family. The prison goes away.

                                There’s still old people who need help, but there’s so many jobs which are really unnecessary. The capitalistic matrix system needs them but if our world would be arranged in a different way, all the people would have a job they like to do, they would get sufficient payment and there would be enough free time for each.

                                We could also live without any currency. Simple robots can replace people in jobs which are all about repetition. We can get unlimited amount of energy from ionosphere like Nikola Tesla intended. There is solutions, but the cabal tries their best to keep them hidden.

                                I know i’m about to become succesful through my hearts work. I have met women of my dreams. Yes it really seems like i’m going to be part of FFM triad. Then i’ll have all the love and support i need to really concentrate on my work not forgetting leisure and having fun <3 Maybe later we could add another suitable guy into the mix but it would make things much more complicated.

                                Heaven and hell are just states of mind. If we collectively tune our minds for the side of heaven, then we'll have paradise <3 It's not about if, it's about when. We are destined to free ourselves and our planet. The darksiders can try but they can't overcome the light. Their game is almost over.

                              4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                As far as NoA is concerned, this is too deep for everyone in America. We are all (adults included) just a bunch of dumb, stupid kids, after all.

                              5. Being realist, I would say Money. I would be nice to have that Disney ending in real life though. Money is the root of all evil, but its also stronghold to any route you take in life.

                                I can’t see how love will remotely save the world, its always seem like a fools dream to even think of that. Money buys power, with power comes fear, and with fear you have control. I rather be idealistic, but reality makes too much sense here.

                                1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                  Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. If all we needed was love to live, then that’d be cool. If I looked at at this three story house and told the owner I loved it and I want it, they are not just going to give it to me. Lmao.

                                2. Fear buys limited power, that leads to rebellion and loss. Love gains power that is much stronger than fear, a power that makes people want to follow you, rather than being forced to.

                                  1. Idealistically I would agree, but I don’t know anyone that has ever succeeded in life with love alone, wars haven’t been won with love, CoO positions havent been achieved with love, and you certainly can’t buy anything with love. In a perfect world I would much rather live in a love filled world, but even the biggest advocators of love (religion) are the main reasons of war, and those wars aren’t won or sustain with love, but rather money.

                                    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                      The sad truth. Love has caused a few wars, too. For example: the Catholic Church, during the Crusades, used people’s love for God to get them to make war with other places. Religion, like anything else, is not immune to being used for the wrong reasons.

                                  2. Seriously? Love is power. Money is weakness. Through love money can be used for good. Through money physical parts of Worldly objects can be obtained, through love can you find a physical manifestation of peace and joy. Money is of the World, Love is of the Earth.

                                    This is beyond silly. It’s a game, enjoy the damn thing.

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