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An Unusual Mother 2 Cartridge Has Been Found


Due to the incredible rise of internet adoption we find plenty of treasures discovered online and this is no exception. Recently a Twitter user came across a very unusual Mother 2 cartridge for the Super Nintendo that looks different from the retail version Japanese gamers are accustomed to. It’s apparently a legitimate copy of the game which has led to speculation regarding the actual contents on the cartridge. Some people are assuming that it could be a competition or a demo cartridge. In fact the person that owns it published the photograph online to find out a bit more about this rare find.

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Thanks, MasterPikachu6

9 thoughts on “An Unusual Mother 2 Cartridge Has Been Found”

            1. Strange, I remember them saying that the game would probably be released among those days. I may be mixing it up with AM2R, because what you say also rings a bell.

          1. I’m not familiar with this cartridge. I collect Famicom but I’ve never seen this one honestly. Most SFC carts look exactly the same. It could definitely be some sort of promotion copy or a demo/store version. It does not look like a developers cart however. Weird.

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