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Check Out The History Of Pokemon Snap

Are you hoping that Pokemon Snap will eventually make its way to the Wii U? So are we, especially after watching the below video. Check out how much of the history you know of one of N64’s most memorable games:

3 thoughts on “Check Out The History Of Pokemon Snap”

  1. It would be great to get a modern Pokemon Snap. I can only hope that Pokemon GO will take care of some of the Pokemon Snap itch fans have!

  2. sorry to say Nintendo not having a new Pokémon snap on wii U was a huge fail and could have really done well on the system. new ideas pfff what an excuse. well lets see 700+ Pokémon, more realistic environments. a open world. more tools, new kinds of bail, night and day mode, new ways of force evolve Pokémon, a new upgrade system, miivers (hello!!!)
    DLC, new kinds of missions….they can have a new Pokémon game almost every year that’s just a slightly better version then last year, but Pokémon snap needs new ideas? hahahaha what crap this could have bin the wii U’s killer app (that and trading card games if they ever let yo use 2 gamepads, and TCG would have also bin good for amiibo) they also needed more D&D style games (honestly only zombie U comes to mind with its multiplayer)

  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Ugh… If we never get a new Pokemon snap game using the Gamepad as a camera, ala Fatal Frame 5, I’ll be very disappointed…. Sadly, Nintendo has made a bad habit of disappointing some of their fans like me in the recent years… :/

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