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Japan Will Be Getting Boxed Versions Of The Virtual Console Pokemon Games

After we received the exciting news that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be released onto the 3DS Virtual Console in February, Japan also got the news that they will be getting boxed versions of the titles with a download code inside of it.

There’s no news on whether or not the West will receive something similar, but presumably it would have been mentioned in the Nintendo Direct if it was.

What do you think of the concept of boxed download codes?

Update: Pokeshopper shows further images including special game cartridges set for Japan:

Pokemon VC inside of box

Thanks, R. Martinez

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10 thoughts on “Japan Will Be Getting Boxed Versions Of The Virtual Console Pokemon Games”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>I don’t get why you humans are so excited about this, it doesn’t even have any online features and then you complain about not getting anything new when you want games you played thousands of times years ago>>>

  2. Pokemon is going Mobile, FYI.
    Pokemon GO is only the beginning. I dare say, Pokemon may be the best IP to go mobile…except since I have a Windows Phone, I might not get it.. x.x

    There will be no more Canonical Pokemon on Nintendo Hardware. Only spinoffs.

    I’ll drink Beer from my Shoe if I’m wrong.

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