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Video: Zelda Wii U Analysis – Nintendo Direct Gameplay

The team over at GameXplain have taken a closer look at The Legend of Zelda Wii U footage that was showcased during this week’s Nintendo Direct. The footage that was shown off was only around 10 seconds long but that hasn’t stopped GameXplain from looking at the video in detail. Nintendo reconfirmed that the game will be released on the Wii U sometime next year.

10 thoughts on “Video: Zelda Wii U Analysis – Nintendo Direct Gameplay”

  1. the more interaction with the environment the better. the idea of having to set up camp and other “real time” obstacles will be very interesting. Not sure what the Wii U can pull off, but changing weather would also be very interesting.

    This will be the last new BIG Zelda game for 3-5 years I imagine so I in that sense I am glad they are putting the most effort into it as Wii U’s send off.

  2. This guys voice…I…I just can’t. I can understand about half of what he says. WHY is he the narrator for these videos!?

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