Gametrailers Top Ten Gaming Debates

There’s been many debates about video games over the years. We had the SEGA vs. Nintendo debate in the 90’s which saw gamers torn between the SEGA Genesis and the Super Nintendo and more recently the Xbox One vs. the PlayStation 4 debate. Gametrailers have sat down and discussed their favourite top ten video game debates. Interestingly they’ve neglected to mention the Zelda timeline, but it is still a relatively good list.

10. Nintendo vs. Sega
09. Local Co-op vs online
08. Disc vs. digital
07. Dota vs. League of Legends
06. Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat
05. The Best Final Fantasy
04. Call of Duty vs. Battlefield
03. Free to play
02. Console vs. PC.
01. Microsoft vs. Sony


  1. PS Vs. Xbox on 1 and Nintendo vs. SEGA last? That just plain bs. They probably don’t even now more than Sonic was the Sega mascot when they made that list…

  2. How could they say that Sony vs Microsoft, is a better debate than Nintendo vs Sega? I don’t see Sony and Microsoft taking the piss out of each other. Sony vs Microsoft, is the poor man’s equivalent of the 16 Bit War between Nintendo and Sega. Plus, the SNES/Super Famicom and Genesis/Mega Drive, were definitely unique to each other, PS3/Xbox 360 and PS4/Xbox One on the other hand…

  3. Sony vs Microsoft is just “weak PC vs weak PC”, such a pointless debate. Even more so this gen, since there are so few exclusives on both consoles.

      1. I mean yeah but, really. Not so many yet, maybe. But soon. Just wait. Then again PS will win as always. It WILL get most exclusives and more different exclusives. Not just mainstream games and shooters.

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