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Japan: You Can Purchase Wii U GamePad Separate From Console

We have all been wondering when Nintendo will allow consumers to purchase an additional Wii U GamePad. The system was released in 2012 but the only way to get an extra GamePad was to get a replacement from Nintendo customer service. However, Nintendo Japan has started selling Wii U GamePads separate from the console and they cost 12.8K Yen which is around $120. You should be aware that no Wii U game supports more than one GamePad.

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15 thoughts on “Japan: You Can Purchase Wii U GamePad Separate From Console”

    1. Yes, gamepad are region locked. I looked into getting one when mine was broke. I was going to order one from Japan when I looked up if the gamepad was region lock. The gamepad gets firmware just like the console and firmware is region lock.

  1. That’s ok selling Gamepad on it’s own, why is Nintendo still selling Wiiu console with game pads, when it was going to launch in 2012 they should have released Wiiu with pro controller, which would of made console cheaper and should had a option to buy gamepad separate, lot of consumers didn’t like the idea having massive controller in hand, especially gamepad bundle with the system was wrong.

      1. And what good did that do with forcing it down everyone’s throats, making that cheap shit so unnecessarily expensive and worse, not doing a separate Pro Control bundle to lower price makes them even more ignorant than Xbox with Kinect which they ditched anyway.

      2. In addition, several of the launch games required it. Think of all the parents who could barely keep the console straight as it was, let alone figure out the right console/ controller combination for each game.

    1. How about Nintendo, you know, HAVE IT SO THAT YOU CAN BUY THE GAMEPAD CHARGER FROM RETAILERS…..I’ve had to buy 2 Gamepad chargers, 3rd Party, in 3 years. One was a USB one, which was fine and the other, the one I am using now, is fine, but short. You can get 3DS chargers from Retailers like GAME, but you can’t buy Wii U Gamepad Chargers. Which is frankly ridiculous

    2. This is what really pisses me off about Wii U! We can only use one Gamepad on the console at a time and other players have to use the Wii Remotes. Why can’t 4 people use Gamepads? I’m sure it’s friggen possible. I was a little relieved with Reggie said the Wii U supports 2 gamepads at E3 and said to look forward to dual gamepad experiences in the future. What the shit? Were is these dual gamepad games and were do we get one?? I really hope the NX does not do the same damn thing. I still love the Wii U I still love the Wii remotes but C’mon it could be so much better.

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