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Splatoon: Slosher Deco Coming To Europe Tomorrow Morning

Nintendo Europe has announced via Twitter that we are getting yet another new weapon in the fantastic Splatoon. The newly announced weapon is the paint splashing Slosher Deco and should prove to be a handy weapon on the battlefield. It will be available tomorrow morning in Europe and presumably this evening in North America.

Thanks, Fred.

5 thoughts on “Splatoon: Slosher Deco Coming To Europe Tomorrow Morning”

  1. I am sooo happy. I am a slosher king. I would love the upgrade. Can’t wait to try it out tonight. I am sooo hook on splatoon… not even call of duty black ops 3 or battlefront give me soooo much fun as splatoon.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  2. Ink Walls and kracken huh? I honestly think the normal Slosher is much better suited for combat. Being able to burst cancel for a quick kill is invaluable. And you can never go wrong with having ink strike.

  3. That design has so little difference from the original model it’s going to be near-impossible to distinguish which Slosher an opponent is using in the thick of battle. It’s like the Inkbrush and Inkbrush Noveau where the only cosmetic difference is a fucking line that’s impossible to notice outside of the equip screen.

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