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Video: Shovel Knight Amiibo Unboxing

The first third-party amiibo Shovel Knight will be released shortly in both the United States and Europe. It was meant to be out last month, but Amazon UK has it listed for this month. Anyway, YouTuber NintenDaan has managed to get his hands on the highly sought after amiibo and has produced a lovely unboxing video. If you’ve got a passing interest in the Shovel Knight amiibo then be sure to give the video a watch!

25 thoughts on “Video: Shovel Knight Amiibo Unboxing”

  1. Will this amiibo unlock any feature on the game? I know, I think I should’ve known this, but I really avoid almost any amiibo related news.

      1. Thanks!

        Good for those who’s willing to pick this Shovel Knight amiibo up.

        It is a shame for those who does not intend to support it and will be alienated of those unlockables. I would love to play another a new area on Shovel Knight, but I cannot agree with this amiibo thing.

        1. Same this amiibo is in my eye’s trash worst of all is if you have the pc version (or a other version) you can’t get this

          1. I have to confess that I have 5 amiibos at home. I bought them because I thought they were cool for home decor. They are, indeed.

            But the amiibo business turned out to be inside a master plan, in which Nintendo prioritized the toys in detriment of the games. That was greedy. That was shady. That was a slap in the fans who supported the company for decades, since the NES.

            Nintendo simply pulled the plug which was roughly supporting the Wii U when they figured out that they have the goose that lays the golden eggs under their roof.

            And that’s the reason I will never, ever, buy any amiibo again.

            1. “in which Nintendo prioritized the toys in detriment of the games”

              But the toys just add more features to the games. amiibo is not the Illuminati. Stop hatin’.

              1. Amiibo is microtransaction travested by toys. It is not that hard to understand that.

                So, yes, Nintendo has gotten lazy and started to provide “novelty” by tapping a stupid figurine on the gamepad.

                Come on, they should have provided novelty by offering better, longer, more complex games.

                Did you see what happened to Animal Crossing on the Wii U? The latest installment of this beloved franchise is a stupid mini game which relies on amiibo. WTF is that sh*t???

                Due to the aforementioned reasons, alongside a number of other ones, I strongly decided not to throw my money towards amiibo again. This is not “hatin'”, as you pointed out. This is a rational and personal decision.

                Let’s get mature and try to understand the message.

                1. I just think your message is wrong. And I happen to like the amiibo festival game. It’s a fun virtual board game that appeals to fans of the AC series. I don’t need to play the same Animal Crossing game over and over again.

                  To me, amiibos are just cool high quality collectible nintendo toys that just so happen to add some neat extra features to the games. You shouldn’t be hating, you should be congratulating Nintendo on this novel idea that we have been blessed with.

                        1. Why? Because my coffee table has been adorned with beautiful amiibo? I don’t think I need medical care, in fact I’ve never felt better in my life.

                                      1. I LOVE Ammibo! They look awesome, and do cool things in games! The only thing I don’t like is the stock. Dang Nintendo get your stock together!

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