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FAST Racing NEO Is Out December 10th

Shin’en have lived up to their promise as they have shared news of a release date for the long-awaited FAST Racing NEO on the Wii U today. The futuristic racer will be out on Thursday, December 10th in the United States and Europe. If you’re interested then the pricing is as follows: 14.99€/14.99USD/10.99GBP. Will you be investing in FAST Racing NEO?

29 thoughts on “FAST Racing NEO Is Out December 10th”

  1. My debit card is ready! I’m gonna get this game at launch one week from tomorrow! Shin’en truly deserves my support to them.

    1. Yes.. u Xbowners have Project Cars all ready. if your a PS4 owner then YOUR AWESOME! and PS4 Superior has Project Cars so. Wii U needs this Fast Racing Neo exclusive. WiiU/PS4 everyday anyday. Fuck X1Done.

        1. The XBone is the home console I’ve been playing the most, then comes the Wii U, then comes the PS4.

          Of course almost all the content that are available for the XBOne is also available for the PS4. But I like the XBOne controller better. I know, it’s me, but I perfer it over the dualshock 4.

          All the 3 home consoles have great features and great games. But it is clear that Nintendo is no longer going to push forward the Wii U — as opposed to Microsoft and Sony — which is a pitty.

          1. Yep, I’m on mine often. I can’t believe how amazing the games look. But once X is out (And Fr-Neo), mine will have to take a break while I dust off my wiiu. (literally. I don’t want dust getting sucked in the air intake fan!)

            1. LOL!

              Talking about fans and cooling mechanisms: Isn’t it impressive how the Wii U does not release heat and noise even when performing, uh, hard processing? Games like Mario Kart and Bayonetta neither heat the console nor make it noisy!

              That leads me to believe there was room to give the Wii U some extra horsepower. Things would have been much, much better for Nintendo. But Nintendo’s hardware department wanted to make the box as much green as possible…

              I see a reason behind that, but… It falls in the same idea which prevented Nintendo doing the Wii an HD console… Anyways.

              At the same time, the XBOne has a gigantic fan to cool it down, and gets too hot when playing any game on it.

              But nothing beats the PS4… I know it has an internal power supply, but… I swear I could fry an egg on it anytime! LOL!

              1. Oh yeah, I was saying it in the beginning, the WiiU is unbelievably power-efficient. Hardly breaks a sweat even when performing hard.

                I’m sure the XBone is single handedly raising my electric bill. ;D It’s never got too hot yet, not like the 360 bursting into flames. A friend of mine just gave up after his 3rd one.

                I def think Nintemdo could have got more horsepower out of it’s hardware if they pushed a bit more juice through it though.

                1. I wouldn’t say nintendo is not pushing forward with the wii u. They produced games for 2015 and 2016 and anything other than that we won’t know about it til they announce something. I agree with the Xbox controller. Gamepad is the controller I wish all systems had.

                  1. In my opinion, Nintendo failed to grab 3rd party content and was unable to fill the existing gaps between their big hitters. Also, they used their IP poorly — for example, franchises like Pilotwings, Sin and Punishment, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Metroid and a Luigi’s Mansion game would make the Wii U library so much better.

                    An actual Animal Crossing, and a true-to-roots Mario Party would also help enormously.

                    I know Fire Emblem, Star Fox title, Zelda and Pokemon are coming, but… In business, timing is everything — if not, 99%. These should have popped up earlier. The Wii U deserved much more.

                    1. I don’t disagree with that. Nintendo said themselves they was having trouble with development. Nintendo just produced more 3DS games than Wii U games. The went for the quick to make games because of the game gaps. It is tough for a developer to produce content for 2 devices. Sony struggled with that too so they allow 3rd parties to produce content for the Vita and currently for the PS4 until their first party games come out.

                      1. I agree, which is why they shouldn’t have dragged their ass so long pumping the Wii for money. They should have started HD development years beforenthe WiiU release.

                          1. Yep. They are good at saying sorry. Hence the whole, “Please Understand” joke.

                            Time for less mistakes and more responsibility.

                            1. They are human like we are. We may hold them to a bigger better standard but the people just like us. They will make mistakes but at some point you learn from your mistakes. I see it as they thought they were better than what they are in developing games.

                            2. That’s the point. While Sony went out for support, Nintendo kept static.

                              I think the Wii U had a lot of potential to be explored. I hope not to see the same mistake again during the lifespan of Nintendo’s next home console.

                          2. WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Finally we have a release date and I couldn’t be any happier. It’s going down lol

                          3. WOW…great price. 14.99? DAY ONE FOR ME. Here I thought I wouldn’t get this game day one because of Xenablade chronicles. But the price is great for this top almost AAA game.

                            Get N or Get OUT!!!!

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