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Microsoft Publishing Minecraft Wii U In Japan

We found out today that Minecraft is finally heading to the Wii U after months of rumours and speculation. What is also interesting is that Microsoft will be publishing Minecraft: Wii U Edition in Japan which makes this the first game Microsoft has published on the Wii U! We are not entirely sure who is publishing the retail edition in the United States but all signs seem to point towards Mojang.


35 thoughts on “Microsoft Publishing Minecraft Wii U In Japan”

  1. I find this kind of funny.

    Some people always saying how Nintendo would go third party and make games for Sony and Microsoft, and here’s Microsoft making a game for the Wii U. Lol.

        1. I hope one day Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will get together and make a multiplatform game that is a fighting game or rpg game that will consist of each ones most valuable IPs. If Sega and Atari want in, then they can get in on it too. It would benefit each platform holder.

          1. In terms of valuable IP I don’t think Sony nor Microsoft have enough to bring to the table.
            That’s my VERY biased opinion of course, but you can tell Nintendo relies on their own IP while the other two depend on outside support for the most part.

            1. Smart move on Microsoft’s part. The game is already on almost everything, it’s not like people are going out to buy an XB1 just for this game. So having this on another console won’t impact XB1 sales and they’ll still profit.

                1. Whoa whoa. Probably not that much. Bango is on Rare replay. Along with Perfect Dark. Exclusive to xBox. …. And they are really fun btw.

                2. Microsoft has been open to working with Nintendo, did you know that Halo was going to launch on the DS but MS said that the control scheme at the time was not fitting and development was brought to a halt. The progress was leaked and the small demolike game be playable through DS emulators.

                  1. A competitor publisher a game on a different console? I know it’s another country but isn’t that still conflict of interest?

                  2. I probably shouldn’t be saying this… but I have inside information on who the last 5 characters are, after Cloud’s inclusion.

                    “Due to fan demand and the upcoming release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U, Wolf will return as a veteran.”

                    “One of Sakurai’s personal favorites from Super Smash Bros. Melee will make a return as well. Young Link is back, and he’s based on his incarnation from Majora’s Mask 3D. His Final Smash is the Fierce Deity, but will retain most of his previous moveset from Melee.”

                    “The winner of the Smash Ballot is confirmed to be King K. Rool. Polls from both the West and Japan show that King K. Rool was in fact the leader for several months, way ahead of any other character voted for.”

                    “The new Nintendo IP, Splatoon, was so commercially successful worldwide, that Sakurai saw it fitting to include the Inklings while they’re still fresh and trending, as he doesn’t plan on developing a 5th installment for Smash Bros. any time soon, and really wanted to have the character within the game.”

                    “The final character to be announced is in fact another 3rd-party fighter. Master Chief from the Halo series makes his landfall onto the Smash battlefield! Nintendo and the team behind Smash Bros. came to an agreement with Microsoft to include their juggernaut mascot within the game. Sakurai’s ultimate wish for the current Smash installment was to include not only Nintendo’s all-stars, but also icons within the gaming industry. Cloud was deliberately revealed before the Smash Broadcast, because Sakurai knew Master Chief would have a bigger impact when finally announced.”

                    That’s the scoop. I’m guessing Snake isn’t in because of not only what Kojima said ages ago, but also because of how Konami’s been acting for the past couple of years. Master Chief wouldn’t surprise me to be honest, we’re getting Minecraft for Wii U finally, and I recall Phil Spencer of Xbox said he’d be down for Banjo & Kazooie to appear in Smash, but I guess Master Chief is more iconic over Banjo, so there you go.

                  3. Sony has allowed some IPs of theirs on both PC and Nintendo consoles.
                    Microsoft is publishing to a Nintendo console.

                    I knew they all would go third party before Nintendo.

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