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Get “Sparkle Cards” In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam With Two Amiibo Of The Same Character

Many new Nintendo games are integrating amiibo in some way or another, and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is no different. However, the 3DS title seems to be the first game to give you a bonus for having two amiibo of the same character.

Scanning one amiibo in Paper Jam grants players with cards that provide benefits in battle, while scanning two figures of the same character will result in what are called “Sparkle Cards.” These special cards give players 4 star power in addition to the card’s base effect. For instance, you can scan two Mario Party 10 Princess Peach figures, or one Super Smash Bros. Princess Peach figure and one Mario Party 10 Princess Peach figure, and receive a Sparkle Card as a reward.

This obviously gives gamers incentive to double up on their amiibo character figures, which leaves some angry as most amiibo of the same character share functionality between games. What do you think about the unique feature?



  1. WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO?! As if it isn’t hard enough to find ONE of each ammibo, now they want us to have TWO?! NO! I was perfectly happy with having stuff for one, BUT TWO IS TOO FAR!!

    1. I think having a Mario amiibo from the smash serie and having a mario amiibo from the mario serie count as having 2 amiibo’s from the same character plus i think finding a mario amiibo isn’t that hard but even then i don’t think getting a card from a amiibo is somthing worthy to get a amiibo ( none of the stuff that the amiibo’s give are somthing worthy atleast that’s my opinion )

    2. This is my question. Why would I WANT two… Unless I was a scalper who was planning to resale for big bucks. Even then, I probably wouldn’t even take them out of the package. Nintendo can’t even market to scalpers right, let alone the fans! (But seriously, why u do dis, Nintendo.)

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  2. Do I get anything special for having 5 different Mario Amiibos? Like a Super Stellar Secret Sparkle Card??

    Kidding. This seems a tad absurd to me but, since the Super Mario series has long been my favorite, I have all of the SMS amiibo and their SSB4 counterparts.

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