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Players Encounter Some Glitches In FAST Racing NEO

FAST Racing NEO launched this week to great reviews but it seem as though a few people have encountered some issues with the blisteringly fast racer. Some consumers have taken to Miiverse to voice their complaints which range from online multiplayer problems to track glitches. While these issues aren’t game breaking, it is a shame that some people are experiencing them as it’s a very good game.

“I’ve had it crash 10 times over the course of an hour today, not to mention being dropped into races that are half done, having races end at the second lap when it should be impossible to complete by then. Shin’en needs to patch this game already.”

“Too bad the online play is so buggy. Out of 3 online races my console has frozen up twice and forced me to shut down the system.”

“I came across a glitch were you instantly complete a lap by hitting a wall at full speed at a certain point in this course.”

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13 thoughts on “Players Encounter Some Glitches In FAST Racing NEO”

  1. I’ll admit, I had the game freeze on me while spectating an online race waiting to get in and I had to cut the power to the console to stop it.

    I thought it was an isolated incident, but if many other players are having problems happen…

  2. I wrongly predicted this game won’t live up to its praise. It seems reviewers and players enjoy them, it’s just the bugs that’s ruining it right now. In the writer’s words “It it’s a very good good game”, once the bugs get squashed, it’ll be a very better better game

  3. Funny, I recorded the first ever online match and then the system froze right at the very end when I finished the race. Even just there, showing a relation the game the first race in the cup, there was a quick hiccup when I was playing.

  4. not good, i dont have the game….yet but this makes me want to wait until they patch the game so that there are very few minor glitches. either way im still buying, just not this month, maybe jan or feb or sometime in 2016.

  5. I haven’t touched online on it yet, so meh. It will get fixed soon enough. Online if always the hardest thing to make sure it works perfectly before launch, since the servers don’t go live till it’s released lol.

  6. Well fuck. This will significantly hurt sales. :/ It’s an amazing game for only $15. I hope they are feverishly working on a patch.
    I got FRNeo and Steamworld Heist and X, and along with my Next gen games, I’m good for a while. I’m booked up with games for a couple months!
    I still haven’t figured out how to play with people on X yet tho. D;

    1. Maybe you have to reach a certain point in the game to do so. I remember FE Awakening didn’t let you use the Streetpass feature until you passed Chapter 5 or since you need at least 10 units to send out a team.

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