Pokken Tournament Coming To Wii U March 18th


The Pokemon Company has today confirmed the news that everyone was waiting for. Yes, Pokken Tournament will be arriving in Europe and the US on Friday, March 18th. The game is exclusive to the Wii U and it wouldn’t be too surprising if we saw a special bundle.

Those who purchase the first production run version of the game will also receive a special Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card, which can be tapped to the Wii U GamePad controller to unlock the Shadow Mewtwo playable character in the game.

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  1. This further emphasizes how AMAZING March is gonna be! Twilight princess HD, Pokken tournament, Hyrule Warriors legends, Miitomo, the new account system, and a lot of cool personal stuff in my life but that’s not the point. It’s gonna be a great month!

    1. March is alright. But I think February is where it’s at. What interests me:
      -American Truck Simulator
      -XCOM 2
      -Mighty No. 9
      -Street Fighter V
      Not much in March. Definitely hyped for Hitman. And I might get The Division. For Nintendo, I do believe Project X Zone 2 and Fire Emblem come out next month as well for anyone that’s interested.

      1. …truck simulator? For some reason that made me laugh.

        February is alllllll Fire Emblem and Smash4 Bayonetta DLC, baby! I’m so ready! I’m picking up MN9, but I’m not sure when I’ll play it. I’m afraid it’ll suck since all the footage is super disappointing.

        Then Pokken/Zelda in March, and Dark Souls 3 in April (..and star fox? Or is that may?…)

        This year is already better than last year to me, hah. Last year was full of so many underwhelming games..

        1. Hah yeah. Truck Simulator sounds hilarious. But I decided to try the demo of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and suprisingly, I found it really great. It’s really simple and relaxing. But it’s not fit everyone. Some people don’t have the patience to drive around the states delivering goods for long pediods of time. (Average jobs take about 20-40 minutes) Ever since, I’ve been looking to get into all kinds of different simulators. Lol.

          1. I used to play a truck racing/simulator (can’t recall) on PC about 12 years ago. I enjoyed that thing so much. You feel the power and intricacy of the vehicle via these simulators. I wish I had the time to play it.

  2. Awesome. I’m starting to get hyped for this. I always wanted a Pokemon fighting game growing up… guess it still hasn’t clicked that it’s actually happening. Wish my boy Squirtle or any of his evolutions were in it, but oh well. Mewtwo will do. :p

  3. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!} says:

    If I can get one of the first run production of Pokken Tournament, that Mewtwo amiibo card will be the ONLY amiibo card I’ll be collecting. Speaking of… *rushes off to Amazon to make use of the 20% off with an Amazon Prime account*gets there & sees this* “This item will be released on December 30, 2016.” Uhm… What the fuck!? This better be a fucking typo!

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