Video: Teens Try To Guess Classic Games By Their Themes

The Fine Bros. and their gaming-impaired teens are back for another episode on their React channel. However, this time they’re switching out their controllers for headphones. Below, you can see how many classic games today’s teens were able to identify by their theme songs alone. To be fair, a few are tough! I was only able to get 5 out of the 7 myself. How many do you know?




  1. … Why do they post these teen videos? I don’t care about them and their reactions to old games or in this case trying to guess old games. This isn’t news, it’s certainly cool, and isn’t exactly enthralling Nintendo stuff.

        1. Don’t like my comment? Boo hoo to you. You’re one of the most annoying people on this site. And on Nintendo Life as well. In case you didn’t know, people are allowed to voice their opinions. I’ve seen you in action on both websites calling people all kinds of insults for daring to type something you don’t agree with. Grow up dude.

          1. its an opinion yes but a very unnecessary one and can easily be solved, just don’t watch the vids and let the writers do what they please on their site. Their hasn’t been any news lately so they have to do something to fill the gap

            1. I didn’t say they couldn’t post it. I didn’t call them stupid for posting it. I merely asked the reason. They can absolutely post it. They can post whatever they want. But I prefer quality over quantity. These type of articles are definitely not quality. I would rather they post stuff that most people find interesting, (though it may be rare these days with how silent Nintendo has been) than lame fluff articles just to get clicks. I guess they need clicks to keep up revenue. But still. I won’t tell them what they can and can’t post because I don’t have the right to. But I can certainly question the decision to post fluff.

  2. oh cmon! please stop with this “news” its really hurting the image of MyNintendoNews for some people (including me) less but interesting news are always better than a flood of nobody cares ones.

  3. I think their funny so I don’t mind them being posted. There’s not much news today so why not post it. If you don’t like it just don’t watch not a big deal nobody is forcing you guys to click on the page

  4. I saw the article and read “I managed to get 5/7!” And I’m thinking “Ha! What a noob, I should be able to get all of these!”……I managed to get a solid 4/7 XD

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