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Zelda Twilight Princess HD Supports Miiverse Stamps

A recent image of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD suggests that the GameCube remake will support Miiverse Stamps. Nintendo has yet to confirm this, but as you can see from the screenshot taken from the latest edition of Famitsu it is abundantly clear that there’s a Miiverse Stamp icon on the inventory screen of the game. It should also be noted that listings for the collector’s edition guide have also teased Miiverse functionality.



Thanks, MasterPikachu6

4 thoughts on “Zelda Twilight Princess HD Supports Miiverse Stamps”

  1. would be cool if they make a new service, or something, with which you can share which stamps from each game you got. You can then use this stamp album to make up you’re miiverse posts which would work more like Swapnote. Maybe intergrate this with the new Miitomo app so you can also make up messages to each other in this fashion. This would have several positive effects for Nintendo.

    1) Players can really show off their skills by obtaining all stamps (kinda like achievements)
    2) Players will play the games more to get the stamps. More games played = more free advertisment, especially portable games.
    3) Players get more used to the Nintendo Network and it will be more fun to share their collection on Social Media.
    4) Miitomo will also be advertized and previous players are immediatly welcomed by all the content they achieved in previously played games.

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