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Video: Brunswick Pro Bowling Footage

Is the bowling on Wii Sports Club not hardcore enough for you? Then you might think about picking up the newly released Brunswick Pro Bowling for Wii U. You can watch the video below to help decide if the game is up your alley. Alternatively, if you just like hearing the crash of the ball hitting the pins, the video’s worth a listen.


8 thoughts on “Video: Brunswick Pro Bowling Footage”

  1. Unlike the rest of the 12 year old Call of Duty rejects who don’t know fuckall about gaming, I welcome this release. As far as bowling games go, Brunswick is one of the more accurate games out there. Real gamers enjoy gaming, retards sit on forums and whine about everything.

    1. Says the person whining about other people posting their opinions on the internet. Real gamers? Real gamers don’t have time for shitty games like this because they play real games.

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