Europe’s Next Splatfest Asks Whether You Want To Be Barbarian Or A Ninja

Nintendo Europe has revealed the theme of the next Splatoon Splatfest and I’ve got to admit it is an interesting one. Basically you need to decide whether you would rather be a vicious barbarian or a stealthy ninja. The Splatfest will be held on Saturday January 30th at 6pm UK / 7pm CET. Which side would you choose to be on?


  1. >>>Barbarians are Xbots, whoever picks barbarian is officially banned and targeted for termination from the Empire>>>

  2. Narutards like that sasori guy and the church of sasori will lap the ninja one up like an autistic on crack.

  3. Basically you’re choosing between a coward (hides in the shadows and his preferred methods are poison and deception) or a warrior (rushes straight into battle and bravely faces what comes at him).

    1. Nuh uh. You got that wrong. It’s (A ninja: Gets the weapons ready and prepares to strategically think of how to properly eliminate his opponent) Vs (A barbarian: Thinks brute strength is always the answer and believe they do not require strategy for facing opponent)

      1. You and Tetrarch have good points and I do think a ninja would typically take more time in preparing themselves than barbarians would. However, barbarian is a very broad term. Many people consider vikings to be barbarians and during the viking age, they were able to conquer and settle land throughout Greenland, Newfoundland, Iceland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Normandy, Ukraine, Russia, and Anatolia.

        Ninja’s were simple assassins. They targeted individuals, sometimes multiple people. They’re objective was elimination.

        Now I’m no expert, but I would think in a turf war (which is what splatfest is) you would want a conqueror, not an assassin.

        1. >>>If a Ninja kills their leader, they are most likely lost and confused an unable to win a war>>>

            1. >>>Barbarians are unable to think at an evolved state, ipso facto my previous statement stands as even though the examples you mentioned were called barbarians, their strategies to conquer others was not by definition barbaric, only the nature of their sadistic pleasure is>>>

              >>>But this is simply a “contest” about what you like the most, whether people apply this to any group or individuals is irrelevant, unless they are Xbots>>>

              1. Merriam-Webster describes barbarians as “lacking refinement, learning, or artistic or literary culture”. They are just as “evolved” as any other human being and are still able to think reasonably.

                On your other point, I completely agree with you. Well, except the Xbot thing. I’m not quite what you meant by that; but the contest thing, how it’s a matter of preference.

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