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Video: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance European Virtual Console Trailer

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the big download this week for the European Wii U eShop. When the title first launched in 2003, it was met with harsh criticism due to its lack-luster story in comparison to the overt political themes of its predecessor. However, with time, fans learned to love the game’s charming story and it has become a staple on many “favorite Final Fantasy games” lists. You can view the official synopsis and trailer for the Virtual Console release below. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is making it’s way to the European eShop on January 28th.

Our story begins soon after a young boy named Marche moves to the country town of St. Ivalice.

Marche’s family has had a difficult past, and all he can do to adjust to the newfound country life is to depend on his new friends: Mewt, a quiet and timid boy who often gets picked on; and Ritz, a stellar student whose strong-willed nature has made her unpopular at school.

One day, the three of them come across an ancient magical book, and St. Ivalice changes forever…

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an RPG with the emphasis firmly on fighting. Battles are turn-based, meaning each character in your party takes turns to move and attack with magic or weapons. But battles are not simply free-for-alls. Ivalice is governed by laws which must be adhered to or you will be banished to prison. Each battle is presided over by a judge, so there’s little chance to ‘get away with it’.

Each character is also able to take jobs, in which they can specialise in certain skills and increase their experience. Jobs are dependent on a character’s abilities. For instance, the magical Nu Mou people are adept at being White Mages or Beastmasters, while the tough Bangaa make better Warriors. To advance through the plot of the game, you’ll need to join a clan and take part in missions. There are a total of 200 missions to complete, so you’ll be playing for a long time to come.


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